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Insurance can be a watchdog to cover the property you love the most. AAMI Insurance loves to provide insurance cover for your assets to be protected. AAMI is an insurance agency to offer safety cover for home, car, business and travel plan.

AAMI Insurance

Stop tracking to find the best insurance cover, AAMI has many plans to give cover for all items you need to protect them. Simple and easily accessible plans are at hand. Insurance is the best protective play plan. AAMI Insurance offers quality measures for your property to secure it.

AAMI Home Insurance

Love your home and find relevant and effective insurance plan to protect its building and contents. Security is the fundamental need of any home you prefer to live in. AAMI Home Insurance provides beautiful plans to cap your home building and contents against fire and stolen items. AAMI also offers landlords and renter cover.

AAMI Car Insurance

Keep finding the new offers provided by AAMI Car Insurance for your car protection. AAMI insurance offers comprehensive and third party cover. When you purchase a new policy online, you will get $50 off on comprehensive policy and $20 off on third party insurance plan.

AAMI Car Insurance

AAMI Business Insurance

AAMI has established to provide you more business insurance cover for value added advantages. Don’t hesitate, just start your business, either having small income or handsome income. AAMI Business Insurance offers low-cost business insurance plans with a lot of beneficial coverage. AAMI Business cover grants public liability insurance, small business insurance and market stall insurance.

AAMI Travel Insurance

AAMI has been offering travel insurance policies since its inception. But now AAMI has ceased to offer new travel insurance schemes. For other information, contact AAMI.

AAMI Pet Insurance

God has created this beautiful creature in the best way, and it is human responsibility to provide beautiful insurance cover to protect them. AAMI Pet Insurance covers your pets including cats and dogs under its soft policies. It also offers additional two months free insurance cover at buying new pets policies.

AAMI Pet Insurance

AAMI Caravan Insurance

Make a plan to go out for a long trip with your family and friends. Outstanding caravan insurance cover is here to protect your caravan against destruction of caravan contents. AAMI Caravan Insurance provides automatic cap up to $1,000 against loss and harm to caravan products.

AAMI Insurance Quote

Purchase a perfect quote from AAMI Insurance online for your beloved property items like home, car, life and business. Buy Home insurance online and save up to $100. Find your desire quotes with AAMI and enjoy the rates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does AAMI stand for insurance?

While discussing insurance provider companies, AAMI is the forwarding insurance agency across Australia. The AAMI stands for The Australian Associated Motor Insurers, and it is possessed by Australian insurance Suncorp.

What type of insurance is AAMI?

AAMI particularly is a car insurance provider. Its comprehensive car insurance plan gives you lot of coverage to secure you from sudden damages and in the circumstances of fire and theft. For more knowledge, keep reading the PDS.

Is Allianz and AAMI the same?

Allianz and AAMI are two different companies. Allianz provides its own insurance policies, and AAMI is affiliated with Suncorp Network. Basically Allianz is a European multinational company but AAMI is the sister company of Bingle, GIO, Apia, Shannons and Suncor.

Do you know about 3 main types of insurance companies?

There are many types of insurance companies operating around the world with different level of cover. One of them offers cover for accidental harm and health facility insurers. Other gives protection to property shelter. Last but not the least is wealth insurers.

Is AAMI a government agency?

AAMI is a nonprofit agency started its operation in 1967. Its main purpose is to enhance the medical facilities for needy clients.

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