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It’s a human nature to protect the property he/she owns because he/she love his/her property. That’s why they always love to find the complete cover for the protection of their lives and other items. Allianz insurance gives foolproof protection plan to cover your vulnerable property against damages caused by man-made products and natural calamities.

Allianz Insurance

Protection of property and assurance of security is necessary for everyone. That’s the reason people love to purchase an insurance policy from a reliable insurance company for property protection. Allianz’s insurance is the most trusted and dependable insurance company in Australia. Allianz offers reliable insurance policies including life, health, car, travel, pets and many others.

Allianz Car Insurance

Always find the insurance cover for your car that is best for you and that gives comprehensive cover. Choose the perfect platform and become a member of many gratified consumers throughout Australia who select the Allianz car insurance. This cover will provide you $20million for the harm you caused to another property. Find the comprehensive and third party damages from Allianz Insurance and live happily.

Allianz Car Insurance

Allianz Home Insurance

Love the place where you live, and that’s called Home. Allianz Home Insurance loves to protect your home with complete shelter. Allianz offers you 30% bonus if you did not make a claim. You can also save up to 10% on buying home and contents insurance under one policy.

Allianz Health Insurance

There are many wonderful insurance covers offered by Allianz health insurance for the wellbeing and good health of Australian people. It will be the best chance to get health insurance from Allianz. Allianz offers many health covers, select your desire one given below. You can get overseas student health cover, visitor, health and wellbeing cover.

Allianz Travel Insurance

Uncover the world’s best places with Allianz travel insurance. Allianz travel covers the expense of flight delays and other emergency situations caused by sudden events. Allianz is well known for perfect travel cover, either domestic or overseas. There are many options to choose the multi trip plans.

Allianz Travel Insurance

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Allianz Life Insurance

Everyone is struggling to secure his future and finding the best quality life insurance policy. Allianz’s life insurance protects you and your family future even after your death. It will help your family’s financial condition. Allianz’s life insurance also offers 30 days cooling-off period.

Allianz Pet Insurance

Pets are very important to us, either cats or dogs. That’s why we all want security cover for our pets against unexpected injury and illness. Allianz Pet insurance provides cover for cats and dogs during their early days of life and after.

Allianz Business Insurance

Select the better business insurance plan that fit to your business requirements. Allianz business insurance gives you a wide range of business plans, either you acquire a small business or you own a big business. Allianz business quotes protect the business and worker’s injury during policy time.

Allianz Landlord Insurance

Insurance cover is established to guard the landlords as you want to be guarded. Allianz landlord insurance pays the expense of replacement and repair when something bad happened to your property. It also provides cover for tenant’s damages.

Allianz Insurance Login

View your policy and other important details by login to Allianz insurance. Login the Allianz account and check out your insurance policy and also update payment system. Just log in the account, rest is easy to apply.

Allianz Insurance Claim

Make a claim and get quick service provided by Allianz insurance. Provide a complete details and information about the incident and get complete assistance. Allianz offers claim service for every insurance policy.

Allianz Insurance Contact

Here you will be able to find the right contact numbers for receiving good help. Allianz’s insurance contact for new and existing insurance policies are 13 1000. If you are an Allianz member and living outside Australia, then contact on +61 2 8988 9581.

Allianz Insurance Cancellation

Stay connected with Allianz insurance for best services but if you want to cancel your Allianz policy then fill the cancellation form. Allianz will refund you within 15 working days, except travel insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to cancel the OSHC policy?

Overseas students are completely under protection cover in Australia. If you acquired a student visa in Australia, it must have health cover at stay time. Before cancelling your insurance cover, it is compulsory for you to have perfect health insurance cover during your stay in Australia. In case your OSHC insurance policy has been cancelled, or you want to get a refund, then Allianz Care Australia will inform the Home Affairs department.

What is a hospital excess?

Hospital excess gives you extra benefits according to your policy. Before getting hospital cover, it will be your duty to pay the excess amount as it is mentioned in your insurance policy. The excess amount is payable for every adult in every financial year starts from 1 July and ends at 30 June. The children who are under 18 are not liable to pay any excess in insurance policy. Their policy is simple, just pay an excess and get extra benefits.

Is Allianz a good insurance company?

Each insurance company is offering the best policies for Australian public. But some of them are performing in an excellent manner and receiving high rating. Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives A+ (excellent) for their quality services. Allianz has got A+ (superior) from AM Best. Companies which has strong economic stability provides many kinds of insurance plan.

What is covered under Allianz?

There are many insurance plans offered by Allianz insurance under different levels of shelter. Allianz has divided its plans into categories for quality assistance. The Allianz basic covers offer tour annulment and interruption, medical cost; missed baggage and other. The Allianz also covers rented vehicle destruction, travel deferment and lost items.

Does Allianz pay claims?

Allianz offers quick claim services, once you have provided all required information you will get claim within two days after verification. The provision of diagnosis is compulsory for getting claim services. If you do not have diagnosis details, then Allianz will ask for details from the doctor.

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