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Many plans offered by Apia Car Insurance for customer’s car to keep it covered. These covers will provide all-inclusive policies to reduce the negative impact of loss to your car.  All these car insurance policies are initiated to stay their customers calm and peaceful.

Apia Car Insurance

Apia Car Insurance offers Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. This Comprehensive Car Insurance policy will assist you to cover your car against incidental damages, fire, theft, natural calamity and other viscous losses. It also offers a cover against third party property destruction, stolen and fire damages. Select your well suited cover fit to your choice and need.

Apia Car Insurance

Apia Car insurance Phone Number

Attachment to an insurance company is a must when you are a policyholder. Because it is a way to keep you connected with new policy. Apia Car insurance Phone Number for general queries is 13 50 50. Apia Car Insurance Contact for overseas customers is +61 2 4331 2024.

Apia Car Insurance Review

I have just got membership of Apia insurance and purchased a quality car insurance plan. Apia’s staff interaction is highly professional and efficient. Once I got baffled at the road on the way to Melbourne because my car’s wheel has been punctured. I called to Apia help line Center for help. They approached me within half an hour and fixed the issue. I really appreciated their services.

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Apia Car Insurance Login

Login to the Apia account and check, renew and handle your all valid insurance policies. If you are an Apia’s policyholder, then it is very simple to manage your account by login it.

Apia Car Insurance Claim

Apia Car Insurance Claim service helps to maintain your insurance policy in its real shape. Make a claim in any emergency and get a required help from Apia insurance company. Apia has managed its system to receive customer’s claim for their happiness.

Apia Car Insurance Green Slip

Apia introduces many effective and easy services for customers to reimburse your CTP Insurance. Another name of CTP is Green Slip. The main aim of CTP is to provide you a cover for you and the person who is driving your vehicle. It provides liability cover.

Apia Car Insurance PDS

Apia Car Insurance PDS comprehend all information about Apia’s policies and restrictions. Before making a claim, you need to read all information related to insurance policies written in PDS for what you can receive and what cannot.

Apia Car Insurance Cancellation

Apia Car Insurance Cancellation process is accessible and easy. But it is unfortunate for Apia to get customers registration cancelled. For cancelling Apia’s policy, you must be registered with it. Apia also provides online cancellation services for home, car and landlord insurance policies. If you need to talk with Apia’s then the number is also available. Call on this number, 13 50 50 for assistance.

Apia Car Insurance Cooling Off Period

Apia Car Insurance Cooling Off Period is three weeks for customer’s final decision to confirm their insurance policy. This cooling-off period is for Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. Before buying this plan, think carefully.

Apia Car Insurance Promo Code

Use Apia Car Insurance Promo Code online and get 10% discount. Terms and conditions are applicable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Apia insurance stand for?

‘Apia’ stands for Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency, and it has been providing insurance plans for 30 years. Today, Apia provides a wide limit of insurance policies for Australian people who are above 50.

Is Apia an Australian company?

Yes, Apia is an Australian insurance company. Apia is operating under the cover of AAI. Feel safe to purchase insurance for Home, Landlord, Car, Caravan, Boat, Travel and Compulsory Third Party Personal Injury (CTP) Insurance.

Does Apia cover accidental damage?

Yes, Apia covers all accidental damages in comprehensive car insurance policy. Purchase Apia comprehensive car insurance plan and compensate accidental damages.

Is physical damage covered by insurance?

Physical damage can be sheltered in two different car insurance policies. One policy is comprehensive car insurance and the other is collision insurance. Comprehensive car insurance policy will cover third party damages and fire damages. Collision insurance protects the destruction to the plan holder’s car after a crash with another automobile, a wall or a pillar.

Can you claim insurance without damage?

Customers can make a claim for automobiles, either it is four wheelers or two. But your insurance claim will be considered only if the harm is incidental. These damages are natural disaster, fire or theft.

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