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Australian Open is one of the largest sports. Every brand wants to be a partner of the Australian Open. A bidding system exists to get sponsorship from the brands or companies.


A number of companies or brands try to get sponsorship from the Australian Open. Australian open Board selects as per their bidding system. There are nine sponsor partners of Australian open. Kia is the biggest sponsor partner of Australian open, rest of namely Samsung, Uber Eats, ANZ, Visit Victoria, APT, AAMI, Chemist Warehouse, Peters and Stan all signatory Nine’s Summer of Tennis. Below is the detailed list of sponsors.

Australian open partners

Australian Open Sponsor’s History

Australian Open start in 1905, initially it started to play on grass court. After 1988 when it relocated to the Melbourne Park complex, started to play on hard courts. After 1988 full sponsorship had been started. Number of companies and brand has been signatory of partners to the Australian open. Kia is the largest and main partner of Australian open since 2001. In 2018 they celebrate 17 years of partnership. Moving forward still Kia is the biggest of the Australian open.

Australian Open sponsorship Costs

There are nine main signatory of Australian open partnership. Kia is the main partner of Austrian open, paying $85 million as sponsorship annually. After Kia, two companies, Rolex and ANZ respectively pay $10 and $7millions annually.

Australian Open Sponsors 1573

In 2019 and onwards Australian was renamed 1573 Arena for commercial activity. It happened in October 2018 when a Chinese water company Ganten becomes one of largest partner of Australian tennis. They sighed next 5 year of partnering plan. Why 1573? Because it is one of the oldest distilleries that started to produce liquors in 1573 and still producing.

Australian Open Media Rights

There are number of partners to Australian tennis for media rights as per region. Australian Tennis and ESPN signed a 9 years media rights partnership to broadcast in United States and Canada. ESPN has started for its users ESPN+ subscription. You can get ESPN Subscription for just in 7$ per month to watch uninterrupted competition of Australian Tennis.

Who sponsored the Australian Open?

There are mainly 9 signatory of Australian open namely Kia Samsung, Uber Eats, ANZ, Visit Victoria, APT, AAMI, Chemist Warehouse, Peters, and Stan.

Who is biggest sponsor of Australian Open?

Kia is the biggest partners of Australian Tennis that paying $85 million annually.

Who is broadcasting the Australian Tennis Open?

Different broadcasting partners for Australian Tennis Open region wise. But ESPN is the main broadcasting partner in Canada and United States.

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