Big W Catalogue – Offer Available 16th March 2023


How often do you get a big W Catalogue?

Very simple and easy to Big W Catalogues, deals and specials. Big W does not forget to advertise its offers and specials every week. You can also buy your favorite item online.   

What does W in Big W stand for?

BIG W Supermarkets is famous in Australia for its organic and fresh products. BIG W’s last word indicates the relation with Woolworths Supermarkets and word W has been taken from the first word of Woolworths.

Is Big W cheaper than Kmart?

It would be difficult to check the price difference between these two franchises. But here I will provide you the report provided by CHOICE and it found Big W offers cheaper than Kmart with a minor price difference. You can also visit their supermarket and check the price difference.

Are Big W and Woolworths the same company?

Affiliation with any big business firm can increase the profit of subsidiary brands. BIG W and Woolworths are not the same but BIG W is affiliated with the Woolworths as a subsidiary brand. These both brands provide essential products to their customers.

How much money do you get at BIG W?

BIG W offers handsome salaries to its employees for making their job more interesting. BIG W gives $25 to $28 per hour for those who engage in Customer Service Representative. Night Team Member gets more salary than day time worker.

How much discount do BIG W employees get?

BIG W provides discount not only for its customers but also for its Staff members. Because these discount offers motivate the employees to work more efficiently. Big W offers 5% discount for its employees.

Who is CEO of Big W?

Pejman Okhovat announced his resignation as a CEO of Big W in July 2022. After his resignation Big W has decided to hire a most competent and professional personality for this highly effective job. Now Daniel Hake has taken the charge of managing director from July 2022.  

What age can I work at Big W?

Rule of law is an important indicator which indicates the success of any country or a nation. Australian citizens and business brands follow the rules established by Australian government. Australian government allows the person who is 15 years old or more can work at stores. By following the government strategy 15 years old can work at Big W.

Which Big W are closing?

After analyzing the ratio of sale, profit and cost The Woolworths Group decided to close some of its branches. Big W has opened its stores in each big city of Australia but some branches seem less profitable. Due to this declining factor some of Big W’s branches like Chullora, Fairfield and Auburn have been closed since 2020.