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CGU is an Australian insurance agency which offers the best insurance programs to protect your home and contents, cars and motors. CGU insurance provides you the best help to select the right insurance cover for your property. Select the right insurance plan from the right insurance agency and keep your car protected.

CGU Insurance

If you want to live a satisfied life and like to left something for your future generations, then find the perfect insurance scheme from fine insurance company. CGU insurance offers such a surprising insurance scheme for your property including cars, homes and business. I wholeheartedly recommend you to get your desire insurance plans from CGU and secure the property you love the most.

CGU Insurance

CGU Car Insurance

Your car is safe if you get better car insurance plan. CGU car insurance offers three levels of insurance cover for your car and stay is safe from accidental damages. It offers comprehensive car insurance, third party property destruction and third party theft. CGU motor insurance gives you automobile cover and it also offers CGU motorcycle insurance.

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CGU Home Insurance

Home security should be your first priority and CGU home insurance have best home security plans. These insurance plans provide security cover for your home building and indoor items. Under the capacity of CGU home insurance, you can get compensation of your indoor and outdoor property damage.

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CGU Travel Insurance

Visit the whole world under the cover of CGU travel insurance and get peace of mind. Because without travel insurance, your travelling is incomplete. No matter you’re travelling in Australia or overseas, you are equally protected through any CGU travel insurance scheme. CGU travel insurance provides security against your lose, either medical expense or baggage lost.

CGU Business Insurance

Doesn’t need to be worried either you have a small, medium or large business. CGU insurance offers right business plans for the right persons who have desire to do a business. With the assistance of CGU business insurance, you can get public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. CGU commercial insurance provides help to protect the future of your business.

CGU Boat Insurance

Set sail towards the ocean without thinking about the damage to your boat. CGU boat insurance offers complete cover for your boat against all types of unexpected damages. It also provides replacement with a new one if your boat age is two years. Not only that, your boat accessories and tools are also protected.

CGU Insurance Contact

Timely help can save the maximum damage and provide a safe passage to reach the true destination. If you need help and have query related to CGU, then dial the right number for better assistance. CGU insurance contact number is 13 24 80.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is CGU owned by?

There are many insurance agencies working in the world under the patronage of other largest franchises. Here we just take the example of CGU, which is backed by Australia’s biggest franchise, IAG. IAG is offering general insurance plans for Australia and New Zealand people.

How do I contact CGU?

Look at the easiest way to contact CGU and avail many services. While contacting CGU, you can put your claim and tell the problems you have faced. Find here the fastest and simplest way to contact CGU. Call at this number, 13 24 80 and tell your reservations.

Does CGU cover hail damage?

CGU provides many insurance covers for its clients to keep them satisfied. But you need to know the cover CGU doesn’t offer for its clients. If you face the problem or destruction of hail and storm, then you will have to pay the extra amount because CGU doesn’t offer hail or storm damages. The extra amount need to pay is given in your insurance policy. If you don’t know your policy schedule, then you can ask this while making claim.

How do I find my CGU policy?

Through Certificate of Currency you can check the insurance which is current or not. It also displays the payment of insurance and other relevant provisions. You can get your Certificate of Currency, simply login to CGU and make a claim. You can also adopt another method, which is call service. Dial this number 13 24 81 between 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday and inform them about your problem.

How do I make a claim with CGU insurance?

You must be well-educated about the basic information of the company you’re insured with. Before making a claim you need to know the policy number personal details, automobile registration, and also the contact number of third party who caused damage in an accident. CGU also provides a contact number through which you can make a claim. Contact number is 13 24 80.

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