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Best thing comes first; here I will explain the complete details of best quality Chatime Menu. There are a lot of flourishing brands nearly like Bubble Tea; consumers yet heard to Chatime, unfit to hinder acquiring their preferred beverage from the Chatime Menu.

Chatime Menu

Chatime Menu

Pearl Milk Tea

Pearl milk tea can be replaced with the names of Bubble tea, Boba tea or Boba, bubble milk tea and tapioca milk tea. It is the best quality drink for connoisseur, normally contains tea attached by crispy tapioca balls. Pearl milk tea has many kinds of relish. We can serve this bubble tea under both cold and hot environment.

Constituents of Pearl Milk Tea

Important ingredients of Pearl Milk Tea are: Tapioca, milk, creamer, tea, sugar and flavor.

Jasmine Green Tea

Always best to drink with better taste. Jasmine Grean Tea is a completenatural produce. The admirer of Grean Tea found everywhere because of its sweet-scented fragrance and bloom to activate your feelings and appease your mood.

Components of Jasmine Green Tea

Natural Green Tea leaves and Jasmine bloom

Lychee Milk Tea

Lychee milk tea or lychee bubble tea is my best-loved drink to take because of its aromatic and luscious taste. Its recipe is very effortless to be made at home within few minutes. When you jiggle the cup of bubble tea, a bubble can be formed through the joggle.

Contents of Lychee Milk Tea

Tapioca boba, milk, black tea, water ice, lychee syrup

Matcha Milk Tea

Matcha milk tea or matcha bubble tea to be very honest is the best beverage which I have ever tasted. Its fine and delicious taste made me crazy, and I have suggested to all my friends to drink this boba tea. It can be made easily within 4 minutes.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a delicately base grind of particularly developed and refined green tea leaves, commonly found and used in Asian countries, specially Eastern.

Elements used in Matcha Milk Tea

Matcha Milk Tea is made by green tea refined, sultry water, milk, and you can add small quantity of sugar if you like sweet taste.

Hazelnut Chocolate

If anyone is interested in eating, I will advise him to eat Hazelnut Chocolate Balls, which are best in taste and delicious to eat. It is my favorite bonbons chocolate and its desire is increasing day by day. It can be made with more than five contents at home.

Hazelnut Chocolate

Essence of Hazelnut Chocolate Balls

Hazelnuts, sea salt, honey, peanut oil, milk. Quantity can be reconsidered on demand.

Cocoa Latte

It is the best place if you’re searching for certainly a perfect sultry chocolate and agreeable taste of different kind of beverages. Cocoa latte has many chocolates collections on its menu list. It also provides pudding to its consumers.

Cocoa Latte Components

Hot coffee, chocolate, sugar and vanilla.

Strawberry Chocolate

One of the best products on Chatime Menu is strawberry chocolate. Its taste and dipped strawberries in chocolate are mind-blowing. Pure and appetizing, it is the best frequently visited fanciful plan on Best Chatime Menu.

Contents of Strawberry Chocolate

Milk, both white and dark chocolate, and strawberry.

Vanilla Latte

The perfect latte is Vanilla latte appeared on Cha time menu list. It is a standard latte first time come out at Starbucks. It is very important to know that Vanilla can be made at home easily within limited time. You will like this recipe while making it at home.

Ingredients of Vanilla Latte

Three ingredients are needed to make a Latte: coffee, milk and vanilla syrup.

Americano Coffee

Caffe American is a kind of coffee made by watered down an espresso with warm water, giving equal endurance. It consists of similar quantity of caffeine as in coffee. Its durability differs with the count of shots of espresso and addition of water. Chatime provides the best quality products which are good for customer health and fondness.

Elements of Caffe Americano

Coffee, boiled water, two shots of espresso.

Hazelnut Latte

If you are looking for healthful place of drinking then you are at the perfect spot of Chatime best drinks. It is a milky blend that will assuage at all coffee lust with Hazelnut Syrup. It will give you complete relief and fulfill your thirstiness.

Components of Hazelnut Latte

Two shots of coffee, hazelnut extract, and icy milk.

Caramel Latte

Healthy diet, healthy life’ It is my goodness to reach at the trustworthy place of best Chatime drinks.
Best taste of caramel latte makes me astonish, and I completely appreciate that Latte. That is the best drink if you have desire to serve this delicious coffee latte to your guests.

Contents of Caramel Latte

You need coffee, caramel, milk and cream.

Hazelnut Milk Tea

Appetizing and juicy, along with a clue of dumbness, this hazelnut milk tea is filled with aroma. Chatime is a top drinks brand that provides you delicious and juicy drinks fit to your craving. Chatime’s Hazelnut Milk Tea can easily be made at home within a short period of time.

Ingredients of Hazelnut Milk Tea

Water, black tea bag, hazelnut cream, milk, frozen cube, and Tapioca.

Honeydew Milk Tea

Honeydew Milk Tea is the best beverage whether someone wish to taste anything energizing to encourage his strength. People like to enjoy that mellow Boba liquor in view of its organic sugary taste and incense. We can make this delicious recipe easily.

Honeydew Milk Tea

Contents of Honeydew Milk Tea

Honeydew refined, Tapioca Pearl, fructose, cream, and ice.

Vanilla Milk Tea

The best brunch started with a hot mug of tea. Here, Chatime provides a complete list of beverages that are giving strength to drinkers. Vanilla Milk introduced in many kinds, but generally consumed formula is very simple. Its blend is most commonly tasty and delectable.

Elements of Vanilla Milk Tea

Milk, water, vanilla extract, cinnamon (on demand) sugar, Tapioca Pearl (on requirement)

Uji Matcha Milk Tea

Matcha Uji is the best celebrated and general kind of Matcha and is habitually consumed in drinks and last course. Matcha Milk Tea is best to drinks because of its best taste. It’s a perfect quaff for our beloved guest. Matcha Uji’s buyers earn naught except prime recipe.

Constituents of Uji Matcha Milk Tea

Green tea leaves, tea powder, refined milk, sugar and salt.

Honey Green Tea

Honey with green tea is the most famous and healthy drink globally. Green tea provides useful ingredients and also gives some relief to patients of constant illness. We add honey in green tea to lower acerbity and make this green tea aromatic.

Elements of Honey Green Tea

Water, green tea bags, honey, lemon.

Mango Green Tea

Mango Green Tea best, energizing and strong beverage which is a top substitute to every packed liquid. We could provide this luscious sip to our guest in less than 8-10 minutes. I like inviting friends because of this tasty and delightful guzzle.

Components of Mango Green Tea

Jasmine Green Tea, water, mango, sugar and lemon.

Passion Fruit Green Tea

Chatime Menu grants the best quality quaff for its tea lover consumers. Passion Fruit Tea is entirely a sole equatorial produce along with a fresh yet bitter. It is stimulating booze. If you do not taste it earlier, I will recommend you to test this Green Tea.

Elements of Passion Fruit Green Tea

Green tea bag, passionfruit extract, fruit sugar, and ice.

Lychee Black Tea

Black Tea consists adequate amount of caffeine to confer aid in the forenoon and teatime. To be very honest, the Lycée Black Tea is my favorite drink while reading the newspaper. Honestly, it is an extraordinary Tea because it gives mental comfort when I am tired.

Ingredients of lychee black tea

Black tea, desiccated lycée, and essence.

Peach Black Tea

You can find best and tasty black tea on  Chatime menu. If we want to make our tea time good and worth remembering then we have to mix peach in black tea, it will give us perfect smack. Its fragrance and sample is agreeable to make us addicted.

Contents of Peach Black Tea

Black tea, peach, bunch mint and maple syrup.

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