Discover Paradise on a Budget | Cheap Flights to Bali in 2023


Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia that has become a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. With its stunning beaches, rich culture, and delicious cuisine, it is no surprise that Bali is on the bucket list of many travellers. Here we will go through how you can find cheap flights to Bali from Australia and have a memorable holiday on a budget!

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Cheap Flights to Bali

Timing is Key

Timing is key to find affordable and cheap flights to Bali. It is a year-round popular holiday destination but the peak tourist season is between July and August as well as December and January as many people like to go away for holidays for Christmas and New Years. If your main priority is to book the lowest price flights, then avoiding these peak times is a good idea as prices usually soar during these times. You can opt for November or February to still get similar weathers and avoid the high prices.

Sign Up for Alerts

Many airlines offer email alerts for discounted flights to popular destinations like Bali. By signing up for these alerts, you can be notified when prices drop or when there are special deals available. You can also check websites like Skyscanner or Kayak, which allow you to set up price alerts for specific dates and destinations.

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Take Advantage of Promo Codes and Discounts

Another way to save money on flights to Bali is by taking advantage of promo codes and discounts. These are often offered by airlines or travel websites and can provide significant savings on airfare. You can also look for student discounts or military discounts, if applicable.

Choose a Budget Airline

If you are really looking to save money, consider flying with a budget airline. Airlines like AirAsia, Jetstar, and Lion Air offer low-cost flights to Bali from various locations in Asia. While these airlines may not offer the same amenities as larger carriers, they can be a great option for those on a tight budget.

Facilities offered by different airlines to Bali

  • In-flight entertainment: provided by most airlines and includes movies, music and TV shows
  • Wi-Fi: offered by some airlines and usually requires additional payments
  • Meals and beverages: single or multiple meals and can cater to dietary requirements as long as they are specified in advance
  • Seat selection: usually offered online and on the basis of first come first serve
  • Extra leg-room: more space and comfort offered by some airlines for an additional cost
  • Priority boarding: offered to passenger travelling in premium classes or those with special needs
  • Lounge access: passengers travelling in premium classes or frequent fliers may have access to airline lounges at the airport where they can relax and chill before their flight
  • Baggage allowance: varies between airlines and the ticket type. Additional baggage can usually be booked on for a payment
  • Chauffeur services: some airlines offer complimentary chauffeur services

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Airlines Offer Flights to Bali from Australia

There are many airlines that offer cheap flights to Bali from Australia. Here we have listed some common ones and which states they fly from.

AirAsia Airline

A Malaysian low-cost carrier that offers flights to Bali from Australian cities, adding Perth, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast. For more info checkout: AirAsia Airline

Jetstar Airline

A budget airline based in Australia that offers flights to Bali from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Cairns. Checkout their official website: Jetstar Airline

Jetstar Airline

Tigerair Australia

Another Australian low-cost carrier that offers flights to Bali from Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide.

Indonesia AirAsia

The Indonesian subsidiary of AirAsia, which operates flights to Bali from many Australian cities, including Perth and Sydney.

Scoot Airline

A Singapore-based budget airline that offers flights to Bali from Perth, Sydney, and the Gold Coast.

Malindo Air

A Malaysian airline that offers flights to Bali from Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda is an Indonesian Airline. It offers flights to Bali from several Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia is well-known for its quality services and comfortable destination plans. It offers flights to Bali from several famous Australian cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney.

Virgin Australia

Qantas Airline

Australia’s largest airline, which is famous for its quality services, and it offers flights to Bali. You can get Bali tickets from many Australian cities, like Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. Checkout Qantas official website: Qantas Airline

Singapore Airlines

The flag carrier of Singapore Airlines offers flights to Bali from several Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Singapore Airlines

Writers choice

Virgin Australia usually offers the cheapest rates during peak times. It is the best option to visit Bali at cost-effective fares. You can also select Qantas Airlines, but may charge a higher than Virgin. There rates of all airlines depends on many factors such as timing, length of stay, additional extras purchased and if the seat is economy or business class. It is best to compare flight prices of all the airlines for the dates you are interested in going to find cheap flights to Bali.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How far in advance should I book a flight to Bali to get the best price?

This really depends on your schedule but the earlier you book, the cheaper flights are in general. Last minute flights are more expensive and you may not be able to get as many seats as you want if the flight of your choice is booked out. The safest option is to book as soon as you know which dates you will be travelling.

Are there any budget airlines that fly to Bali?

Absolutely! The airlines we discussed above all offer cheap flights to Bali and fly from multiple states in Australia giving passengers multiple options.

What are some alternative airports near Bali that offer cheaper flights?

Airports on nearby islands like Lombok or Java, or airports in other parts of Indonesia, like Jakarta or Surabaya.

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