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CIL Insurance offers comprehensive protection for motorhome and caravan. When you left home for tour to anywhere in Australia, first you think about the safety of your vehicle and other material. If you find the CIL caravan insurance, then there is no problem with your property.

CIL Insurance

You do not ignore the natural disaster, vehicle accidents, theft and fire which cause damage to our properties. You always want the security of your assets from all above-mentioned damages. CIL Insurance is here to provide complete cover for your property from floods and storm. CIL caravan insurance guarantees the security of your property when you are on tour.

CIL Insurance

CIL Insurance Login

Through CIL insurance login, you can handle your account on CIL. It is the best facility to claim your damage from insurance company. Protection or security is your fundamental due to insurance company. So, it is the responsibility of CIL insurance to make all these measures easy and accessible for you. CIL insurance pay online is the finest way to help you out.

CIL Motorhome Insurance

I know you need to protect your motorhome from rain, hurricane, adding cyclone, floods and larceny effort. I will advise you to adopt the policy of CIL motorhome insurance. CIL relocatable home insurance provides shelter to your moved property.

CIL Insurance Claim

To release tension and get ease is crucial for everyone. With the help of CIL insurance claim, you can claim your stolen and damaged asset. You can update your policy and change your address through CIL Insurance renewal.

CIL Car Insurance

Enjoy keeping your car outside your home for long journey. CIL car insurance grants full cover for vehicle against all type of unexpected road accidents. Roadside assistance insurance is also available for your car. Best roadside assistance Australia is the best assistance for your vehicle in Australia.

CIL Insurance Member Benefits

Achieve the membership of CIL caravan insurance and appreciate the CIL insurance member benefits. There are many benefits for example caravan insurance, best claim services, advantageous weather cap, mechanical shelter and fresh vehicle alternative cover. You will attain 10% off on caravan through CIL insurance discounts and Special offers.
When you reach at your favorite destination, CIL Campsite is the best service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What insurance is best for roadside assistance?

Insurance is considers as the best type of protection for your vehicle. Insurance provides complete cover to secure your automobile, either it is in garage or on the road. There are many famous insurance companies in Australia, but I suggest you to get CIL insurance plan for roadside assistance. It provides complete roadside assistance for your vehicle.

What CIL Stand for and who owns CIL?

It is fascinating to know about the owner of this insurance company because it does not come under the ownership of a single person. It owns a group which is called “the Suncorp Group” is a division of a commercial entity AAI Limited. Many insurance companies got this abbreviation for its name, but here I will tell you two names. CIL stands for Central Insurance Limited, and other is Commonwealth Insurance Limited.

How Can I update my address?

CIL introduces complete care services for its members. It is very simple to refresh your address by following some important steps. First, you need to inform your new address to the company with application form. Secondly you should tell your complete bio data to company, after verification your address will be changed. Phone call option is also available, number is 1800 112 481.

How can I cancel my policy?

If the member feels any inconvenience with the policies of this insurance company, he can cancel his policy. With the help of these measures, you can cancel your policy within few minutes. Email is the best choice to cancel it. You should email to company with scheme number, complete name and birthdate, phone number and must jot down the reason of cancellation.

What are the operating hours of CIL?

Operating hours of CIL are different on different days. Its operation hours start from Monday and ends on Saturday. Monday to Friday timing is 8am to 8pm. On Saturday, timing is 8am to 5pm, but complaint center offers 24/7 services.

What are the payment options of CIL?

There are many payment options available for your satisfaction. You can choose your required payment option. Some payment options money order, credit card, and you can receive your payments through cheque and monthly installments.

Why my renewal has increased since last year?

If it is so, then the best option is to call the helpline for assistance, number is 1800 112 481.

What does caravan insurance cover?

It is good for you to avail the policies of CIL insurance. Caravan insurance protects your properties from unanticipated damages, stolen items and from natural calamities.

How to contact us with a complaint?

If you face any trouble or not convinced with the schemes of company then contact the consumer association center.

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