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Coles is one of the largest supermarkets in Australia and is loved by most Australians who shop their weekly groceries from Coles. It provides customers with almost all items ranging from groceries, cleaning supplies, personal care items and even miscellaneous items such as Tupperware and gardening supplies. The best way to ensure you don’t miss out on any deal is to stay up to date with the weekly Coles catalogue.

The weekly Coles catalogue contains all the best deals on household favourites to ensure you buy all your favourite items at the best discounted prices. Here we provide you with the Coles catalogue, updated weekly to ensure you grab the best deals and save heaps.

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Cole’s Catalogue for This Week


Offer valid Wed 20 Mar – Tue 26 Mar 2024

Coles provides weekly specials with some products being heavily discounted by up to 60%!

New sales start every Wednesday and last for a week until the following Tuesday to give you enough time to stock up on all your essential products and prepare for the next sale.

Coles changes which items are on sale each week which gives customers opportunity to shop from a broad range of discounted items. The best part is that the although the items are discounted, the quality is not compromised so you can have the peace of mind that you are shopping the best quality products at the lowest prices.

Cole’s Specials

Coles discounts and sales are applied to products all throughout the store. This means that there will likely be weekly sales on all categories of products meaning you will find something fantastic that is also within your weekly budget.

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Coles Online Shopping and Delivery

Grocery shopping can sometimes be difficult to incorporate into our busy lives and this is where Coles online shopping comes in. You can shop all your favourite Coles products online and have them delivered to your doorstep. Coles online delivery service is reliable and rapid. This has made it so popular in the last few years.

The best part is that the weekly Coles catalogue is applicable to online shopping and the prices for their sale items are updated weekly. This means you have access to the best quality products at the lowest prices and can have it all delivered right to your doorstep!

Coles Online

Coles Click and Collect

Coles Click and Collect is a well known service of Coles which is increasing in popularity. This service allows customers to purchase their favourite Coles items online and pick them up in store when they have been packed. This service also takes the Coles catalogue and weekly deals into account and means consumers can make significant savings through Click and Collect.

Coles Price Lock

With the cost of living increasing especially after the pandemic, a helpful initiative started by Coles is their Price Lock. This means that some items have a locked price until a certain date providing customers with the peace of mind that their favourite grocery item will stay the same low price for a certain time. Coles is working hard to include more products in their price lock to increase their sales and make it easy for customers to purchase these products.

Cole’s Catalogue Next Week

Like the Coles catalogue this week, there will be an updated one next week with new offers and great deals. Keep an eye out on this page because we update it weekly with the latest Coles catalogue to maximise your savings!


The weekly Coles catalogue is a great way for consumers to stay up to date with the best weekly deals and ensure they are getting the best value for their money. We update this page weekly with the latest Coles catalogue to allow you to shop worry free and grab the best deals.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many items can I purchase through Click and Collect?

The maximum number of Click and Collect items per order is 40 items.

What is Coles policy on overcharging?

If there is a discrepancy between the price labels and the retail price, Coles policy is to provide that product free of cost. This may vary across different sites.

How far in advance can I book Coles delivery?

Consumers can book Coles delivery up to 7 days in advance.

What is the cut off time for Coles click and collect?

Cut off time for Coles Click and Collect is different in different stores according to their policy and location but most common time is 11AM on weekdays with variable times in weekends.

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