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You have to be very careful while selecting insurance plan for the security of your car, home, health, land and pet. Coles insurance has been providing the best insurance services for its clients. It offers home and contents insurance, car insurance and many more.

Coles Insurance

Coles Insurance agency is working under the supervision of the most trusted and most reliable institution of Insurance Australia Limited.   This insurance institution is patronized by one of the Australia’s biggest insurance associations, IAG, which is famous for its insurance programs. There are many changes have been made by Coles as per customer requirements.

Coles Pet Insurance

Find the perfect security cap for your pets and stay in peace. You need to find out the best shield for your pets against accidents, injuries, many others. Cole’s pet insurance offers three level protection cover for your pets. These three level protection covers are Basic, comprehensive and premium. You can choose your desire level according to your requirement and demand.

Coles Home Insurance

Coles guarantees the security of your home and contents. Coles content insurance is planned to cover products indoor of your home including furniture, appliances and clothes. Coles home insurance provides suitable insurance schemes to protect your home from damages. Coles landlord insurance also offers insurance programs to secure your home building and its contents inside.

Coles Car Insurance

Are you looking to Get 10% off, then find the Coles award-winning Car Insurance plan. Everything you need to protect your car is available through Coles car insurance. Coles motor insurance has many professional workers to serve you, and it also offers lifetime warrantee of cars.

Coles Health Insurance

The person who has good health, has good hope and the person who has hope has everything. Coles health insurance helping the public of Australia in health related issues and also providing hospital expenses. Get the membership of Coles health insurance and enjoy these health facilities.

Coles Travel Insurance

Someone said about travelling, the one who love to travel can find new paths. Almost everyone wants to travel to different places of the world, but some hinders stop him. Don’t worry, any hinder can stop you to travel? Coles travel insurance offers medical facilities and emergency services for you.

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Coles Caravan Insurance

Coles are not offering caravan insurance, but you can find another insurance agency to get caravan insurance plan. You can find the caravan insurance scheme at

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Coles Insurance Login

Coles insurance login is the service where you can make a claim and get help if you need it. Login to your account and check the Coles Insurance Customer Hub for help. It is essential for new members to register them first before logging in.

Coles Insurance Claim

You can make a claim 24/7 and receive useful replies from Coles. Coles insurance claim service is available 365 days. You can get Coles insurance renewal very easily, but first you need to fulfill the requirements, payment issues, membership claims. Customer care center of Coles is always available to serve the client.

Coles Insurance Online

Use the Coles insurance online services and get discount on your insurance program. You can save 10% on Car Insurance, save up to 25% on home insurance and secure 5% pet insurance if you use online platform.

Coles Insurance Contact

For the satisfaction and easiness of clients, Coles insurance provides different contact number for different insurance schemes. For home and landlord insurance, you can contact at 1300 265 374. For pet related queries, you can call at 1300 333 738.

Coles Insurance Green Slips

Coles Insurance doesn’t provide green slips, but it gives Comprehensive Car insurance, Third Party Property, Fire and Theft insurance. With active Coles insurance promo code you can get 50% off, and it also offers 20 coupons for a month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Coles insurance owned by?

Cole’s insurance is the leading insurance platform in Australia offering Vehicle (Car), Home, Pet, Health and Landlord Insurance schemes for its clients. Cole is properly controlled and owned by Insurance Australia Limited.

Does Cole’s insurance cover hail damage?

Yes, it offers protection shield against natural calamities. But some conditions are also there to get this cover, first you need to get comprehensive car insurance plan to keep yourself protected against harm caused by natural calamities as fire, flood and hail. Secondly, you can get this cover if that damage caused during policy time.

Who is the underwriter for Coles?

IAG is the underwriter of Coles insurance and Guild insurance. They are much sincere to provide help to its clients who are in trouble.

How much does Coles pay per hour in Australia?

Coles offer salary to new employees about $53,723 per year, but the skillful employees get almost $60,012 per year. Coles pay $28.36 per hour.

How long is a Coles shift?

Coles offer very comfortable working conditions for its employees. But the work shift depends on the job burden, the Coles working hours fluctuate from 7-10 hours per day.

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