Score Delicious Savings with Domino’s Vouchers: Slice the Price


No matter where you live, Domino’s is globally one of the largest pizza franchises with restaurants almost everywhere and a large variety of delicious pizzas to enjoy. With the cost of living increasing, eating out can become too expensive sometimes and this is where Domino’s vouchers come into the picture.

These ere promotional codes that customers can use to attain discounts and other offers when buying food from Domino’s menu. They are a way to attract customers to purchase and keep purchasing from Domino’s. Here we will provide you a comprehensive detail of Domino’s vouchers to ensure you can enjoy your favourite pizzas on a budget.

How to Use Domino’s Vouchers:

Online Ordering

Using vouchers online is simple and can be done when ordering through Domino’s app. There is a place for customers to enter voucher numbers and save money during the checkout process.

In-Store Ordering

When ordering in-store, customers can present a printed or digital voucher to the cashier to redeem the discount.

In store ordering is convenient in terms of saving money because many times vouchers are printed for customers to see at the restaurant. Customers can also bring in their vouchers and flyers and save money when ordering in store.

Phone Ordering

Domino’s vouchers also apply to phone orders. All customers have to do is let the staff member know their voucher order and make big savings.

Types of Domino’s Vouchers:

Percentage Off Discounts:

These are the most common voucher type and offer a certain percentage off on the total order value. For example, “20% off on all pizza orders”. This is a great voucher because the more you spend, the more you save too!

Fixed Amount Discounts:

These voucher types provide customers with a fixed discount on their orders. For instance “Save $5 on all orders above $20”. This is great for anyone wanting large orders but can become a bit challenging if your order is slightly under their requirement, but with delicious menus you can easily meet the minimum spend value.

Combo Deals:

Combo deals are offered by Domino’s and this is where customers are able to get many items at a lower price, like “Buy one large pizza and get a second one for $1.”

Free Items:

Vouchers may offer free items like “Free garlic bread with any order.”

Meal Deals:

Meal deals include pizzas, sides and drinks as a package for a discounted price and are great for large numbers of people.

Loyalty Programs:

For frequent customers, Domino’s may proved vouchers or other discounts as part of their loyalty program.

Online and App-Exclusive:

Some are only available through the Domino’s app when ordering online.

Limited-Time Offers:

Some vouchers may be special and only valid for a short period of time. Make sure to pay attention to the expiry dates of Domino’s vouchers to ensure you save yourself from disappointment.


Overall, Domino’s vouchers are a great way to feed yourself and your family for cheap. With costs of living unfortunately soaring everywhere, any opportunities that help customers save money are valued and should be availed!

Important Queries Related to Domino’s Vouchers:

Are there any restrictions on voucher use?

Some may only include certain menu items or only cover specific locations.

Can I use multiple vouchers on one order?

Typically, only one voucher can be used per order, unless otherwise specified.

Do vouchers have an expiration date?

Yes and it is essential you check the expiry dates of your vouchers to prevent missing out on good deals.

Can vouchers be combined with other promotions or discounts?

For the most part, they cannot be combined.

Are vouchers transferable, or can they be sold?

They are non-transferable and cannot be sold.

Do vouchers apply to delivery and carryout orders?

Both in general.

How can I find the latest vouchers?

The Domino’s website and app are the best places as well as emails and promotional flyers.

Do vouchers apply to all Domino’s locations?

Not necessarily as there are variations between locations. Check your local Domino’s to see which vouchers are applicable.

What products can I use a Dominos voucher for?

Most Domino’s vouchers are quite versatile and can apple to various menu products. This does vary from location to location so the best thing to do is check your Domino’s location and see which menu items apply to each voucher.

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