Unlock Savings: Your Ultimate Guide to Etsy Coupon Codes


Etsy coupon codes

Everyone knows Etsy is the place to go for the best handmade and unique items. With the cost of living causing increases in prices everywhere, it has become difficult to purchase all the things we want. This is where Etsy coupon codes come in. These coupon codes allow consumers to purchase high quality pieces at the lowest rates and save big bucks. Here we will go through the process of using Etsy coupon codes as a buyer and as a seller and you are bound to find something useful in this article to take away!

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Etsy coupon codes

Etsy Coupon Codes

Etsy is the most popular global platform for entrepreneurs, creators and artists to sell their craft. Most of the items are handmade and unique and it is no surprise that they are well sought after. If you are an avid Etsy shopper, knowing about Etsy coupon codes can save you heaps.

Etsy promo codes for sellers

Here is an essential and easy method for creating coupon codes as a seller:

Create an account at Etsy Shop

Being a seller, you need to create an Etsy account to create a coupon code. When you create an account and activate it, then log in to your relevant seller account and generate coupon code.

Move to Marketing Option

Seller dashboards contains a marketing section from where you can click on the sales and coupons.

Create a New Coupon

Find the new special offer button and click on it, after clicking you will be allowed to create a new coupon code.

Customise Coupon Code

Select the discount type of your choice, either a fixed amount or percentage off, based on your specific product and your preferences. You also need to set an expiration date for the coupon.

Etsy coupon codes for buyers

Follow the provided guideline below for using the Etsy Coupon Codes:

Find a Coupon

As a buyer, you can find these codes on sellers’ shops, through email newsletters or popular social media accounts.

Select and add Items to your Cart

After finding the coupon, click on the product you want to buy and add these items to your cart.

Apply the Coupon Code

These are very easy steps to follow and get a discount by applying coupon codes. At the time of checkout, find the field like apply shop coupon code. Click on apply after entering your code.

Etsy coupon codes for buyers

Examples of Etsy coupon codes

First order: By placing your first order on Etsy, you can get a handsome discount on purchasing specific items. This is a great incentive Etsy offers customers to get hooked onto the platform.

Free shipping: Some sellers offer free shipping coupons on certain items. This is great because shipping costs can be quite high depending on where you live and so free shipping can save you heaps.


Etsy coupon codes are a valuable asset for sellers and a perfect tool for buyers as well. This code is a wonderful way to attract the customers and promote sales. With the use of these codes, buyers can enjoy the discounted price. So get onto those coupon codes and happy shopping!


Which is the most popular Etsy promo code customers have used in 2023?

25% off coupon codes have been one of the most popular coupon codes used on Etsy

How to make tax-exempt purchases on Etsy?

Etsy is a wonderful platform to offer maximum benefits as much as possible. So, if anyone meets the certain qualifications for tax exemption, feel free to contact the support and provide them the basic document for purchasing.

Is shipping free for Etsy?

It depends – some sellers offer free shipping to certain regions while others don’t. Some sellers may also offer sales and discounts where they reduce their shipping cost or provide free shipping. Some may also offer reduced shipping costs if customers buy multiple items from the same seller.

Can I earn Etsy rewards?

No, you cannot earn Etsy rewards because it is not a platform to offer reward to shoppers except the creators who offer rewards for customers as a good will gesture.

Do I have an email newsletter offer available from Etsy?

Yes, you can avail an email newsletter offer, but it depends on your account settings. You must push the allow button when creating an account for latest updates, features, and events.

Does Etsy have a dedicated page for sales?

No, there is no dedicated page offered by Etsy for sales. You need to filter the product you want as well as the special offers like sales and free shipping.

Does Etsy offer any bulk or bundle discounts?

This is very seller dependent. Some may offer reduced delivery on multiple items from the same store and others may offer certain discounts for bulk orders. Make sure you discuss this with the seller prior to placing an order to ensure you don’t have any misunderstandings and both you and the seller are on the same page.

Does Etsy have any special deals or discount pages at all?

Yes, Etsy offers special deals or coupon codes, you just click on the “Gifts & Gift Cards” option available in the header. You will find the page displaying “Gifts under $30.”

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