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Gender reveal parties are becoming increasingly popular with people coming up with creative and fun ways to announce the gender of their unborn baby. With gender reveal parties come gender reveal invitations. There are several creative invitation ideas you can employ to have a great party and enjoy the day with your friends and family!

Here we will provide you with unique and creative gender reveal invitation ideas. With so many interesting designs, you are bound to find something that fits your style.

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Gender Reveal Invitations

Although you can simply send everyone a text to attend your gender reveal party, a unique gender reveal invitation will not only be personalised to your family, but it will be highly memorable. We have a bunch of ideas here and they are simple and easy to re-create.

Gender Reveal Invitations

Little Peanut

The Little Peanut theme is centered on the idea of a small and precious baby, similar in size to a peanut. The decorations for this theme could include images of peanuts, elephants, and soft pastel colours like blue, pink, and green. It is a sweet and charming way to celebrate the new arrival.

Chalkboard Theme

The Chalkboard theme is a modern and trendy theme that involves using a chalkboard as the main element of the decor. The decorations for this theme could include chalkboard signs, banners and table runners as well as colourful chalk for guests to write messages for the baby which you can keep to show them. It’s a creative and interactive way to celebrate the new arrival and a way for everyone to get involved.

Chalkboard Theme

Ready to Pop Theme

The Ready to Pop theme is all about celebrating the impending arrival of the baby. The decorations for this theme could include images of popcorn, balloons. Any colour scheme will work for this and you can choose to go for bright colours or more of a pastel colour palette. No matter the colour scheme, this idea will definitely bring a smile on the faces of your guests.

Prince or Princess Theme

The Prince or Princess theme is a classic and elegant way to celebrate the new arrival. The decorations for this theme could include images of crowns, tiaras, and royal colors like gold, purple, and pink. It’s a popular invitation idea and for good reason.

Prince or Princess Theme

Little Firecracker Theme

The Little Firecracker theme is a lively and energetic theme that celebrates the baby with fireworks as the main theme. The decorations for this theme could include images of fireworks, sparklers, and bright colours like red, orange and yellow. You can also have sparklers and candles at the event to further go with the firecracker theme

What’s the Scoop? Theme

The What’s the Scoop? This theme has been specially designed to celebrate the event of baby’s gender using ice cream cones. The decorations for this theme could include ice cream cones, spoons, and toppings in pink and blue colours. This is the perfect idea for summer or if you are wanting to have ice creams instead of a traditional cake.

What's the Scoop? Theme

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme

This is a great theme to reminisce your own childhood with this popular children’s poem. You can go with either light colours or dark colours depending on your preference. No matter what you choose, this gender reveal invitation theme will dazzle all your guests.

What Will the Stork Bring? Game

The idea of a stork bringing the baby is a popular story that is told in almost all cultures. You can utilise this into your gender reveal invitations to make for a cute gender reveal invitation card that your guests will love. Guests can write down their guesses on pieces of paper, which can be read aloud during the baby shower. It’s a playful and engaging way to celebrate this joy.

What Will the Stork Bring? Game

Name Reveal

People are always excited to guess the name of the baby. You can include this concept on your gender reveal invitations and ask guests to come with their ideas of the baby name and reveal the chosen name at the end of the party. You can reveal one letter at a time and keep your guests guessing till the last minute.

Old Wives’ Tales

Old Wives’ Tales are traditional beliefs and superstitions that are often used to predict the gender of the baby. This activity can involve guests sharing their own old wives’ tales and guessing the gender of the baby based on those tales. This is a great concept to include in your gender reveal invitation and party and you can check its accuracy once you know the gender of your baby.

Old Wives' Tales

Little Miracle Theme

The Little Miracle theme is a heartfelt way to celebrate the new arrival and the miracle of birth. The decorations for this theme could include colours of your choice and is a great way to ponder on the upcoming birth.

Sweet Pea Theme

The Sweet Pea theme is a cute and unique way to celebrate the new arrival. The decorations for this theme could include images of peas in pods, flowers, and soft pastel colours like green, yellow and orange.

Sweet Pea Theme

Ready to Hatch Theme

The Ready to Hatch theme is centered around the idea of a baby chick ready to hatch from its shell. The decorations for this theme could include images of eggs, nests, and bright colours like yellow, orange, and green.

Cute as a Button Theme

The Cute as a Button theme is a sweet and simple way to celebrate this event. The decorations for this theme could include images of buttons, bows, and soft pastel colours like pink, blue, and yellow.

Cute as a Button Theme

Bun in the Oven Theme

The Bun in the Oven theme is a playful idea to celebrate the new arrival. The decorations for this theme could include images of ovens, baking utensils, and bright colors like red, yellow, and orange. It’s a great way to incorporate baked goods into your event menu!


There are thousands of different ideas for gender reveal invitations that you can use to celebrate the arrival of your new baby. Save this article and come back to it when you need inspiration for your next gender reveal party.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a gender reveal invitation party?

A gender reveal invitation is an invitation sent to family and friends to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby by revealing the baby’s gender. Gender reveal parties are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a fun and exciting way to celebrate with loved ones.

When should I send out gender reveal invitations?

There are no time limitations, but you have to give enough time to expected participants under which they prepare themselves for the party. You should dispatch your invitation before one month or six weeks from the date of party. If guests are coming from out of town or if you are planning a larger event, consider sending out invitations even earlier to give them ample time to make travel arrangements.

What information should I include on a gender reveal invitation?

There are many fundamental requirements, and you should keep in mind while designing gender reveal invitation. Time, date and location of the venue must be available on the invitation. Additionally, you may want to include special instructions or requests, such as bringing a certain item or wearing a particular color. Finally, consider including fun and creative elements like a baby photo or a clever phrase that hints at the gender.

Should I reveal the gender on the invitation or keep it a surprise?

This is completely up to you! Some people prefer to keep the gender a surprise until the party, while others choose to reveal the gender on the invitation. If you do choose to reveal the gender on the invitation, consider using a clever riddle, a “boy or girl” symbol, or incorporating traditional gender colors.

How can I personalize my gender reveal invitations to fit my party theme?

To personalize your gender reveal invitations, consider incorporating colors, symbols, or designs that reflect your party’s theme. You can also include a special message, poem, or photograph to make your invitations unique and memorable.

What are some unique ways to reveal the gender on a gender reveal invitation?

One fun idea is to use scratch-off cards, where guests can scratch off a surface to reveal the gender. Another option is to include a photo of a baby item traditionally associated with either boys or girls, or use a clever riddle or phrase to hint at the gender.

How can I ensure that my gender reveal invitations are memorable and stand out?

Utilise fonts, ideas, colours and themes that are fun and reflect your personal style to really stand out and be memorable.

Can I use digital invitations for my gender reveal party?

Absolutely! Digital invitations are becoming increasingly popular now and are replacing paper invitations. They are eco-friendly and a cost effective way to invite all your friends and family.

What should I do if I don’t know the gender of the baby yet?

If you don’t know the gender of the baby yet, you can still host a gender reveal party and include a fun surprise element to reveal the gender at the party. You can also use a neutral theme for your invitations and party decor. Alternatively, you can host a baby shower instead of a gender reveal party where the focus is on celebrating the arrival of the baby, regardless of the gender.

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