Mark Your Calendars | Melbourne Cup Schedule 2023 Released


Melbourne Cup is one of the most awaited events in Melbourne each year. Held on the first Tuesday of November, this event is followed by millions of fans worldwide. The Melbourne Cup Schedule 2023 details the schedule of all the events leading up to the Melbourne Cup as well as the Melbourne Cup itself. It includes the race day schedule, venues, entries and marquee packages.

Melbourne Cup Schedule 2023

The 2023 Melbourne Cup schedule is released now, which is 3pm (Eastern Daylight Saving Time) on Tuesday 7th November

Get ready for this breathtaking event and enjoy the moments when the jockeys take their horses to the final point. This event not only consists of horse racing but is filled with many extra activities like pre-race festivals, and post-race excitements. Don’t miss a chance to grab the Melbourne Cup Schedule 2023 which contains complete information about this coming event.

Melbourne Cup Schedule 2023

Melbourne Cup Schedule Today

Keep updated with the Melbourne Cup Schedule because they are very punctual in updating details. This refers to the current schedule of events for the event, but will vary with the time and day. This may include pre-race events, races, and activities happening on the day of the inquiry.

Melbourne Cup Race Times History

Melbourne Cup Race Times History contains all important recent news, including times. This refers to the historical race times of the Melbourne Cup, which have varied over time. But the 2023 Cup will start at 3:00 PM in Melbourne.

Melbourne Cup Race Day Schedule

Melbourne Cup Race Day Schedule indicates the events on race day, which typically includes the opening of gates and live music concerts.  If you come to watch this event, you will enjoy the entertainment services, food and beverage stalls.

Melbourne Cup Schedule Guide

Melbourne Cup Schedule Guide contains each and every useful piece of information which will take you to the arena. This provides a guide or overview of the Melbourne Cup schedule, providing information on the different events and activities.

Melbourne Cup Schedule Entries

Keep finding the Melbourne Cup Schedule Entries for the sake of checking your favorite horse name in the list. This defines the list of entries for the Melbourne Cup, adding the horses and jockeys that will be taking part in the race.

Melbourne Cup Schedule Kick-Off Time

Reach the spot before the kick-Off time of the Melbourne Cup. This refers to the start time of the Melbourne Cup race, which is generally held at 3:00 pm local time in Melbourne.

Melbourne Cup Schedule Marquee Packages

People come around to watch this surprising event for the sake of enjoyment and spending quality time. Melbourne Cup Schedule Marquee Packages are available for guests to experience the Melbourne Cup in style. It provides wide viewing areas and entertainment.

Melbourne Cup Schedule Runners

If the horse proves eligible to run in the final fields, then he will be included in the Melbourne Cup Schedule Runners. This defines the list of horses that will be running in the Melbourne Cup, adding their past performances and determined weights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What time is the Melbourne Cup 2023?


How long is the Melbourne Cup?

The time of the run varies with the change in distance. If the determined distance is short, it takes less time. But the winner of the 2023 Melbourne Cup will run approximately 3 mins 20sec because the final run consists of a 3200 m long run.

How many races are there on Melbourne Cup day?

It is very interesting to know that the Melbourne Cup 2023 will have 10 races to refresh the spectators. Each race starts after 40 minutes break, but this time may vary depending on the horse’s behavior, scratching, and other formalities.

What time is the Melbourne Cup in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and Hobart?

Australia has a wide area with different time zones. That’s why the timing of this event changes in different states. Stay tuned at 3 pm if you are living in metropolitan cities like Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart, and Sydney.

What time is the Melbourne Cup in Brisbane?

Brisbane is the capital city of Australia and the people of this city are very interested to watch the Melbourne Cup. If you love to watch this event while living in Brisbane, then stay live at 2 pm.

What time is the Melbourne Cup in Adelaide?

Always be aware of the starting time of this event. If you are living in Adelaide and have a desire to watch the Melbourne Cup, then stay connected with your TV at 2.30 pm.

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