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Peninsula Hot Springs has become a famous tourist attraction in Melbourne with people from all over the city and the country coming to this beautiful place to relax. There are many services available here and you are bound to find something you enjoy.

In this article, we will explore some of the features of Peninsula Hot Springs so you can really get the most out of your visit here.

Thermal mineral pools

Arguably the most popular attraction and usually what brings people to the Peninsula Hot Springs are the mineral pools. You’ll find a variety of thermal mineral pools here, with differing temperatures and various therapeutic advantages. These mineral-rich waters offer a pleasurable and healing experience of nature while promoting relaxation, enhancing circulation, and rejuvenating the skin.

Thermal mineral pools

Bath House

The Bath House promotes sociability and group refreshment and is the center of Hot Springs. This area is open to all age groups to enjoy the environment and reap the benefits of the Hot Springs.

Private Bathing

Although group activities and locations have their own charm, sometimes you need some time in solitude and tranquility. This is where you can take advantage of the private bathing pavilions of Peninsula Hot Springs. These tranquil pavilions provide private areas where you may indulge in a more personal dip in your own thermal mineral pool. This place is worth visiting and full of entertaining facilities.

Private bathing

Moonlit Bathing

Experiencing the Peninsula Hot Springs at night is just as magical and enchanting as it sounds. Relax in the warm water with the gentle glow of the moon and really just indulge in all that nature has to offer.


The Peninsula Hot Springs provides a rich spa experience amidst peaceful nature. Guests may enjoy in a peaceful and restorative vacation with the help of experienced therapists who offer calming massages, energizing facials, and body scrubs, leaving them feeling revived and revitalized.

Professionally qualified therapists give individualized experiences that cater to each client’s requirements and preferences using high-end tools and methods. The spa treatments promise to enrich your bathing experience and leave you feeling wonderfully pampered.

The Spa Dreaming Center at Peninsula offers a private and individualized spa experience and is open to those who are 16 years old and older. It offers a tranquil haven for rest and renewal with thermal mineral pools, saunas, and quiet meditation areas.


Glamping at the Springs

Glamping (glamorous camping) at the Peninsula Hot Springs allows you to stay close to your residence and fully experience nature’s charms. Reconnect with the beauty of the Morning ton Peninsula by relaxing in the tranquil surroundings and soaking in the therapeutic hot springs.

Stay Local

For those tourists who come a long way to this peaceful location, a great option can be to stay locally here for a few days to really enjoy all of what the Springs have to offer. Booking accommodation close by is a great way to explore the area.

Stay local


The wellness areas of the Peninsula provide a wide variety of settings and amenities that promote the general wellbeing of visitors. These areas are created to foster both physical and emotional wellbeing, from the famed geothermal mineral pools with their therapeutic characteristics to the tranquil yoga pavilions, meditation gardens, and spa treatment rooms.

Our Food Bowl

Peninsula Hot Springs embraces the “Our Food Bowl” using fresh, regional ingredients to create scrumptious farm-to-table cuisine. The dishes on the menu highlight seasonal ingredients, introducing the wealth of the area and is a great way to learn from locals and experience the culture.

Our food bowl

Relaxation Domes

These are wisely placed around the resort to encourage peace and renewal. Guests can find comfort in these beautifully created spaces amidst the breathtaking natural surroundings. They are dedicated to visitor relaxation. They provide comfortable sitting, soft lighting, and stunning vistas to create a tranquil setting for total relaxation. These couches provide a peaceful retreat for visitors.

Meeting Spaces

For business meetings, seminars, and team-building exercises, Hot Springs offers first-rate meeting venues. These locations provide a distinctive and motivating backdrop for business events since they are surrounded by such spectacular natural beauty.

Meeting spaces

Buy Gifts

Peninsula Hot Springs offers a variety of considerate presents that may be purchased through the “Buy Gifts” option. These presents feature opulent spa goods and regionally made trinkets that reflect the Mornington Peninsula’s natural beauty and the resort’s calming activities.

Gifts for Her

Find a carefully chosen selection of items in Peninsula Hot Springs’ “Gifts for Her” category that are ideal for gifting the important women in your life. These exquisite presents appeal to her specific interests and preferences and range from soothing spa packages to opulent skincare items and stunning jewelry.

Gifts for her

Gifts for Him

This area offers a selection of “Gifts for Him” for the men in your life who value comfort and luxury. Men’s grooming sessions, outdoor excursions, and products catered to his interests and hobbies are just a few of the options offered by this thoughtful collection.

Gifts for Couples

Couples looking for different experiences and gifts will find a wide variety of “Gifts for Them” at Peninsula Hot Springs. By providing packages for romantic getaways, private hot spring bathing experiences for two, and group spa retreats, it provides chances for couples to connect and relax together.

Gifts for couples

Corporate Gifting

Peninsula Hot Springs introduces a unique Corporate Gifting program for businesses and organizations looking to show appreciation to clients, business partners, or employees. The program offers a variety of branded goods, gift cards, and opulent spa getaways as premium, personalized gift options.

Redeem Gift Certificate

Use the Redeem Gift Certificate option at Peninsula Hot Springs to enjoy your freedom of choice. The recipients can choose their preferred experiences and use their gift certificates to pay for them online or in person.

SPA Retail Shop

Spa Retail Shop offers many wellness items, skincare products, and other local items for tourists. It is a great way to buy some high quality products or souvenirs to take with you to remember your memorable trip.

Spa rental shop

Book Now

By clicking on the “Book Now” option, the guests can easily book their desire experiences and services before the starting of this celebration. Choosing from thermal pool bathing, spa treatments to dining reservations. This service would be helpful for seeking of mind and convenient environment for visitors.


The Peninsula Hot Springs are the perfect location to rest and relax. Offering multiple services, there is something there for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to check this place out and don’t forget to embrace yourself in nature and disconnect yourself from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life for some time when you are there.

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