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Pepper Lunch is a fine spot for a fast, low-cost and enjoyable food. Pepper Lunch Menu offers a great deal of delicious dishes on affordable rates for its customers who are connoisseur in food tasting. Dishes are tasty on Pepper Lunch Menu and all the recipes fulfill the needs of consumers.

Pepper Lunch Menu is a best place to visit for a fast foods and a good site to make fun with our friends because it is noiseless. Friendly employees and the dishes are always delicious and fresh in taste. The much you eat at Pepper Lunch Menu the more you recognize its actually a proper freshness. Pepper Lunch offers concession for students. I have personally visited this place and ordered for chicken burger it was finely baked, delectable and burger size was considerable. I really prefer you to eat this great deal of Pepper Lunch Menu. To be very frank I have tasted almost all recipes of Pepper Lunch Menu.

Main Dishes of Pepper Lunch:

Pepper Lunch Menu provides a large varieties delicious and delectable dishes for its customers. The details of some of its dishes are given below.

Premium Steak:
Premium Steak is really a premium dish for customers. It can be found in many varieties like rib steak, loin, and chuck steak and many more. If you want to eat Premium Steak according to your choice I am sure you will appreciate all recipes of this steak. Premium beef steak is best in my opinion but opinion may be vary person to person. It can be prepared at home like a professional chef. This steak is famous dish on Pepper Lunch Menu

Premium Steak

Sizzling Curry:
In reality I like my dine to eat Sizzling Curry at Pepper Lunch because of its pure meat and genuine taste of curry. You can order single meat curry and double meat curry relating to your requirement. While ordering single meat curry you must keep in mind that dish will be provided in beef, chicken, hamburg and seafood. Good to see this delicious dish on Pepper Lunch Menu.

Sizzling Curry

Rib Eye Steak:
Ultimately Rib Eye Steak is a juicy, beefy aroma, and is a best selection. Rib Eye Steak never lost its juiciness even baking on very high temperature. Rib eye steak is a best choice if anyone wants to go out for dinner. This recipe is best for all type of consumer like child, young and old. Steak is one of the best recipes on Pepper Lunch Menu.


Kale and Spinach:
Kale and Spinach is a super side dish for super customers. It is full of nutrients with many healthy ingredients. Kale is best in vitamin C and Spinach is full of vitamin A and K. Kale and Spinach are best natural produce to prevent from many diseases and ameliorate heart soundness. With all these benefits Kale and Spinach is also a good dish. It is a healthy food on Pepper Lunch Menu.

Kale and Spinach

Teriyaki Salmon:
Teriyaki Salmon is a fine dish prepared with organic products. It can be cooked in few minutes at home by the combination of garlic, ginger, soy sauce, maple syrup and sugar if required. There are many recipes of Teriyaki Salmon in restaurant, people order their favorite recipe. People like to see this recipe on Pepper Lunch Menu.

Teriyaki Salmon

Teriyaki Beef:
Beef is best for health but Teriyaki Beef has all healthy ingredients to be eaten. Pieces of meat, onion, garlic, starch and olive oil are required while preparing Teriyaki Beef. It is a tasteful dish on Pepper Lunch Menu.

Teriyaki Chicken:
Teriyaki Chicken is a delicious and easily cooked chicken dish. Only 10 minutes are required to prepare this dish. Most people love this recipe because of its perfect essence and spiciness. Teriyaki Chicken is on the top of the list of Pepper Lunch Menu.


You can have different sides with your Teriyaki dishes.


Sides Dishes of Pepper Lunch:

Pepper Lunch Menu provides wide varieties of sides dishes to its customers. List of these sides dishes are given below.

Pepper Salad:
Pepper Salad is one of my favorite side dishes. I always like to eat pepper salad. The recipe of pepper salad is red and green pepper, onion, olive oil, garlic and vinegar. Pepper Lunch Menu introduced many sort of pepper salad on the demand of consumer.

Miso Soup:
A favorite and conventional Japanese dish Miso Soup is preferred to eat in many parts of Japan. This dish is not only famous in Japan but beyond the borders of Japan. Miso Soup is rich in taste and full of flavor. Pepper Lunch Menu offers this aromatic recipe as a side dish to every buyer.

Sweet Potato Wedges:
Cut the sweet potato into small wedges and wash these slices completely. After washing, baked these wedges in oil mixed some pepper and salt on choice, the delicious and spicy dish has been prepared. It is a special dish on Pepper Lunch Menu.

Onion Rings:
Onion Rings have cracking and yummy taste. They are the toothsome and most palatable recipe on Pepper Lunch Menu. When I ever tasted this Onion Rings dish I was totally surprised because I have never tasted such a delicious dish.

White Rice:
If you want to made more taste of your main dish Pepper Lunch Menu is offering you the best side as White Rice. The more calories you will take from White Rice as compared to the Brown Rice. It is enriched of protein and preferred to athlete for dieting plan.

Desserts of Pepper lunch:
The best way to conclude the meal is to serve substance of sweet as Desserts. The one of the main distinct of Pepper Lunch Menu to serve their customer with Healthy desserts. Many flavors of Premium Ice Cream you can take and make your meal perfect.

Green Tea Ice Cream:
Green Tea Ice cream is a unique type of premium ice cream. Usually the ice cream not made from tea but its leaves (Matcha, mixture powder of green tea leaves) to make it green tea ice cream. Its sweetness and taste attract the customers again and again. It also famous as Japanese Ice Cream

Black Sesame Ice Cream:
Have you ever taste of Japanese Ice Cream in Australia?. Pepper Lunch has included the most popular Japanese Dessert, Black Sesame Ice Cream in its menu. The main ingredient of Black Sesame Ice Cream is the black paste. It makes customer more attraction for its deliciousness, color and flavor.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream:
It is truly odd to tell about a dessert which is a composition of salt and sweet. Salted Caramel Ice Cream is well liked for its unique taste. You can make it more delicious to put Caramel as pudding. For the reason that its hard and time taking process to make it at home. So Pepper Lunch is ready to serve its customer one of the best healthy dessert Salted Caramel Ice Cream even more delicious instantly.

Pokka Tea:
If you are health conscious and looking for best iced drink. Then Pokka Tea should be your best choice. Pokka Tea contains 0g fat with endless taste. Its unique quality and endless taste make it most popular Singaporean Tea. Below are the main flavors of Pokka Tea

  • Peach Tea
  • Lemon Tea
  • Lychee Tea
  • Jasmine Green Tea

Spring Valley Juice:
Spring Valley Juice is a combination of numbers of flavors. All of its flavors have been included in Pepper Lunch Menu. Spring Valley Juice is Australian favorite juice. You can choose your favorite flavor from below

  • Spring Valley Apple Juice
  • Spring Valley Orange Juice
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