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Prize money for champion is 3.1 million dollars, each runner-up players 1.55 million dollars. There are different categories of prizes in Australian open and this prize money is not for only one player, prize money Australian open will be divided among finalist, semi-finalist and the best players of the event.

Australian Open Prize Money

Like other tennis events, Australian open is also the most loved and most interesting game. All other sporting events share its prize money with the public to enhance their passion for this event. Prize money Australian open is an amount to increase interest in people and for the players who are taking part in Australian open. This prize money is not only an amount, but it gives courage and enthusiast in players and in spectators.

SinglesDoublesMixed Doubles
Winner: $2,875,000Winner: $675,000Winner: $154,500
Runner-up: $1,575,000Runner-up: $360,000Runner-up: $87,550
Semifinalist: $895,000Semifinalist: $205,000Semifinal: $46,350
Quarterfinalist: $538,500Quarterfinalist: $113,000Quarterfinal: $24,750
Round of 16: $328,000Round of 16: $65,250Round 2: $12,350
Round of 32: $221,000Round of 32: $45,100Round 1: $6,450
Round of 64: $154,000Round of 64: $30,050
Australian Open Prize Money

Prize Money Australian Open Doubles

There are two types of tennis events for men and same for women. These tennis events are called open singles and open doubles. The prize money for these events may vary according to the number of participants. Prize money for Australian open doubles more than the Prize money for Australian open singles. Tennis prize money is a handsome amount that delivered to different categories of players.

Wheelchair Tennis Prize Money

Wheelchair tennis is an inspiring and motivational event played by the players sitting on wheelchair. Australian open also offers Wheelchair tennis prize money not leaving disable contestants behind.

Tennis Prize Money Ranking

Tennis is a healthy sport activity and the interest of public in this game is increasing with the passage of time. Tennis prize money is divided among players on the basis of ranking. First, second and third is the Tennis prize money ranking. Tennis prize money list means a list of players with their ranking in tournament and earning.

Australian Open Prize Money History

The popularity and interest of Australian Open is growing throughout the world. Australian Open Prize Money History started in 1905.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the prize money for winning the Australian Open?

The prize money of Australian Open might be different for every year but here I am going to tell you the prize money for the winning player in 2022. Its prize money was 2.9 million Australian dollars.

How much do the tennis players get paid at the Australian Open?

The winner of Australian tennis for both men and women singles in 2022 get paid 2.875 million Australian dollars, runners-up received 1.575 Australian dollars.

How much money for each round of Australian Open?

The money for each round of Australian open is depending on your rank in round and overall in tournament.

How much do tennis players get paid per match?

There are a number of ways how tennis players get their prize money. Here you can see the complete list of player’s prize in tennis Australia. If they perform in perfect manners, they will be paid high amount.

Where plays tennis prize money come from?

Tennis prize money comes from sponsorships, deals and advertisements.

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