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RAC Travel Insurance is an insurance for sheltering you from unexpected catastrophe during the travel somewhere, either domestically or internationally. The utmost policy of Travel Insurance is to provide your family members and dearest to travel guardedly. There are some facilities of RAC`s to provide you during destination.

RAC Travel Insurance

We are here to provide you quality RAC Travel Insurance schemes which are appropriate to your requirements and best financial plan. You will feel yourself in proper condition to travel to your dream destination. Our gradually aim is to grant you best travel insurance contrive according to your desires and making it inexpensive. Always feel free and ready to move on where you want to travel.

RAC Travel Insurance

Health Insurance Facilities

‘Health is wealth’ there is nothing more important than health, in this way RAC’s Travel Insurance scheme is to provide the best health care and treatment for their travelers. It provides limitless health coverage to its tourists during their journey. It also provides 24/7 emergency help in the presence of professional doctors. RAC travel insurance will also cater the needs of dental, nursing, clinical and emergency vehicle.

RAC Car Insurance

Are you looking for the most dependable and reliable insurance company for your car in Australia?  Click on the RAC Car Insurance and find your desire policy for your car. RAC car insurance protects your car from all kind of danger, including theft, fire and third party damages. Don’t be afraid to take your car for a long drive, your car is protected and secured.

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RAC Motorcycle Insurance

It will be helpful for your bike to adopt RAC Motorcycle insurance scheme to keep your bike on the road. RAC Travel Insurance has introduced a lot of offers, adding three levels Motorcycle insurance for your bike. If your bike caught fire and damaged during any accident it will pay you almost $1500 for all damages items and up to $300 total per accident.

RAC Home Insurance

It is very essential for you to keep your home under comprehensive protection cover. So, it is very important for you to find the best insurance plan for home security. RAC home insurance pledges to offer wonderful security plans to protect your home, its contents, building and all other valuable items.

RAC Home Insurance

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RAC Health Insurance

RAC health insurance offers fundamental principles, usually to cover a serious medical offset, meanwhile across the sea. Whereas complete plan particularly contains medical protection for excursion (tour) cancellation, missed baggage, departure hold up, people arrears, and further expenditures.

RAC Pet Insurance

Pets are the Beautiful creature on earth, and you need to be very kind to them. This beautiful creature needs perfect protection cap from all type of dangers. RAC pet insurance offers to pay 80% veterinary expenses for your dog, annually it will pay up to $12000. Same offers are also available for your cat.

Bumper Offer

RAC pet insurance offers to pay 80% veterinary expenses for your dog, annually it will pay up to $12000. Same offers are also available for your cat.

RAC Landlord Insurance

RAC insurance is one of the top insurance companies that offering landlord insurance for Australian people. While having fine tenants, unforeseen issues are inevitable. RAC landlord insurance is available for 12 months to compensate tenants rental loss.

RAC Insurance Claims

RAC insurance company is very serious to provide easiest way for its members to claim online. You can claim for your loss online and get reply within few minutes. Simply, you need to choose your scheme and drop it down on main menu.

RAC Insurance Renewal

Don’t you worry, it is very simple and easy to renew your RAC insurance policy. Just visit the RAC insurance official website and follow the given instruction. Go to payment options and pay the required amount.

RAC Insurance Discounts

RAC is well known to give discounts and surprising offers for its members. It offers discount on products, membership and member competitions. Avail its membership and enjoy the discount.

RAC Insurance Review

RAC insurance is providing best services to its members. These guys are professional and well-mannered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I contact RAC?

You can contact the RAC any time a day with full confidence. RAC offering 24/7 services for any query and provided its contact for phone call. You can call at 13 11 11.

Is RAC good car insurance?

RAC insurance provides many insurance facilities to its member. You can attain your required insurance plan according to your need and demand. RAC offers the best insurance plan for your car with roadside assistance and other amenities.

How long does RAC warranty last?

RAC insurance gives you peace of mind and full-fledged warranty for your car and other heavy-duty automobiles. It will give you 3 years warranty for your personal vehicles and its battery. It will also offer 2 years warranty for your personal heavy-duty vehicles.

What does my RAC policy cover?

RAC insurance provides a policy to protect your belongings and your life from many damages. It offers protection cover against unforeseen accidents, hurricanes, fire, floods and third parties vehicles and assets.

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