RACQ Car Insurance | Fire, theft and third party liability Car Insurance


RACQ is an astonishing insurance company which offers wide range of insurance products for desiring customers. It provides many insurance products, but RACQ Car Insurance is much demanding in Australia. RACQ is known to be the best insurance agency in providing cost-effective policies fit to all type of customers.

RACQ Car Insurance

It doesn’t matter either you are on a long drive or short, RACQ Car Insurance always besides you to compensate the damages. Choose your aim car insurance policy according to your need and choice. It offers comprehensive car insurance which gives comprehensive protection; third party property damage and third party theft and fire are also available.

RACQ Car Insurance Quote

Find your desire RACQ Car Insurance Quote fit to your wish and budget. RACQ’s Car Insurance Quotes are design on customer demands. These quotes are comprehensive car insurance, third party theft and third party property damage.

RACQ Car Insurance Phone Number

RACQ Car Insurance Phone Number is provided for receiving customer calls in emergency circumstances and give them useful suggestions. RACQ Car Insurance Contact is 13 1905 for comprehensive car insurance issues. You can also call on 13 7202 for car towing.

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RACQ Car Insurance Claim

RACQ Car Insurance Claim service has been established for getting customer’s problem resolved. Insurance companies provide this option for those clients who suffered from any sudden accident. Make a claim quickly with some important evidence and get possible help.

RACQ Car Insurance Review

My elder brother has purchased a car insurance policy from RACQ five years ago. During first year of his policy everything was alright but with passage of time as the policy getting old RACQ’S services also getting weaker. Honestly speaking, RACQ’s policies are moderate, not a high quality cover.

RACQ Car Insurance Login

Keep updating your insurance policy by just login the account. When you forget your account password, just click on the forget password option and renew it within one minute. It will also help you to amend your account or insurance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my RACQ cover any car?

Yes, RACQ Insurance offers roadside assistance to your driver. It doesn’t matter that are driving your car; RACQ will protect the driver with high quality cover. RACQ has managed to provide cover for every driver according to your choice.

Which insurance cover is best for car?

Comprehensive car insurance is considered as the best insurance policy for car. There are many benefits of getting comprehensive insurance policy for any car. This policy not only provides cover for the car owner, but also protects the driver and others who are involved in an unexpected happening. This insurance also covers against third party property and theft.

What is CTP Insurance?

CTP Insurance stands for Compulsory Third Party insurance, which means a liability cover. This insurance cover will protect you against the liability demand by any person who got harmed in an accident caused by you or your driver. But it is very much essential to bear in mind that CTP insurance does not shelter the accidental vehicle.

What is the difference between comprehensive car insurance and third party liability car insurance?

RACQ Comprehensive Car Insurance is the most reliable and trusted cover for any vehicle. It provides cover for your car against many sudden incidents like weather disaster, accident, emergency repairs, fire and theft. This insurance policy will also pay the rent of hire vehicle, in case your vehicle got stolen. Third party liability insurance provides you cover against damages caused to other’s vehicle.

How many free tows with RACQ?

Many options are available for towing with RACQ. This insurance company offers first tow without charges, but second and thirds tows on vehicle breakdown will be charged. But if you are the loyal member of RACQ and having Gold loyalty car then you would not be charged on second up to 20 km.

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