Things to Do in Alice Springs – An Unforgettable Outback Adventure


A positive mind can lead you to the right place that will refresh your mind and activate your body. Alice Springs is an astonishing tourist place and accommodate many visitors at the same time. Tourism is a widely growing industry around the world and Australia has become a tourist hub, having many tourist spots. Click on the Things to Do in Alice Springs and explore the natural beauty of Australia.

Things to Do in Alice Springs

Alice Springs is a well-noticed tourist spot despite being a wonderful, and thrilling destination for adventure seekers, it also offers peaceful places for peace lovers. If you love to do something adventurous and other peace-giving activities, then discover the Things to Do in Alice Springs.

All tourists have different choices and tastes, so this place attracts and fulfills the choices and tastes of everyone.

Things to Do in Alice Springs

Visit the ANZAC Hill

World War 1 horrified the world’s natural life and caused lots of causalities across the world. ANZAC Hill in Alice Springs reminds the dark memories of this event and the bravery of the soldiers who participated in it. There were many corps who served their countries from Australia and New Zealand, and the ANZAC Hill is famous for the sacrifices of soldiers.

Alice Springs Reptile Center

You should visit The Alice Springs Reptile Centre if you need to watch the life activities of reptiles adding crocodiles, lizards, and snakes. This center is home to many kinds of reptile species displaying their natural actions.

Alice Springs Reptile Centre demands entry fees for different age groups, adults pay almost $22.00, children from 4 to 6 pay $11.00 and families pay $55.00 holding 2 adults and 2 children.

Alice Springs Reptile Center

The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Australia is famous for Kangaroos, and it is also called a Kangaroo nation. Kangaroos are more than the public in some areas of Australia, that’s The Kangaroo Sanctuary has been established to protect the wildlife. This Sanctuary has especially been designed to shelter the orphaned and wounded kangaroos. Visit this sanctuary and have a closer look at beautiful baby kangaroos.

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Alice Springs Desert Park

The Alice Springs Desert Park offers lots of attractive things like plants and deserts. It’s a worth-visiting spot that provides a showcase of animals and native cultures. Alice Springs Desert Park has many things to explore, for example diverse varieties of prey, the natural habitats of birds, and local traditions.

Royal Flying Doctor Service, Alice Springs Tourist Facility

Alice Springs manages to look after the visitors and the people of distant areas. Royal Flying Doctor Service provides all medical coverage to people, either visitors or natives. The Alice Springs Tourist Facility gives a chance to visitors to learn more about the historical background of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. When you visit this place, you will witness to see the flying doctor’s plane.

Olive Pink Botanic Garden

Every area of the world has its own distinct environment, animal and plant species. The Olive Pink Botanic Garden keeps both species of animals and plants. This beautiful garden is located in the mid of Alice Springs, famous for its native plants, and many species of animals.

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve

The invention of the Telegraph changed the way of communication and helped us to keep close to one another. The Alice Springs Telegraph Station reminds the history of the telegraph between Darwin and Adelaide. The invention of this useful item had a major impact on the communication system between Australia and other parts of the world.

Yubu Napa Art Gallery

The Yubu Napa Art Gallery is located in the heart of Alice Springs, and it shows the skillful work of native artists. I visited this place with my family, and we all enjoyed the artist’s artworks. This gallery is a house of big collections of sculptures, and true stories and cultures.

Megafauna Central

There are many species of animals that have been extinct from the planet of Earth. Australia is one of the countries that faced the extinction of many varieties of animals. Megafauna Central holds the record of extinct animals once they were the native animals of Australia.

Visit this museum and learn the history, behaviors, and habitats of extinct animals like Thylacoleo and Diprotodon.

Yubu Napa Art Gallery

Araluen Cultural Precinct

Central Australia is fostering the culture, arts, galleries, and museums to attract many visitors. The Araluen Cultural Precinct has been established to promote the performance of indigenous actors, and it also spread the arts of native people. They arrange a function for visitors and display their work and the interesting history of that area. Leave your homes and move to see this beautiful event.

Women’s Museum of Australia and Old Gaol

Alice Springs is a must visiting place that offers many events to see and lots of things to do there. Australia is home to many historical buildings like The Women’s Museum of Australia which is located near the Old Alice Springs Gaol, once it was used as a prison.

Spend your quality time with your women and read the stories of how the women helped in the development of the country. This place also reminds the ancient cultures and the history of native women.

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Alice Springs Visitor Information Center

The Alice Springs Visitor Information Center takes you to the wondering, and charming area of Alice Springs because this center is the starting point towards the dreamy place. Reach the starting point and explore anything you like and do any activity you love.

Planning before the start of a journey is the most important element for visitors, so you should have information about accommodation, tours, local attractions, and maps.

Yubu Napa Art Gallery

The Residency

Alice Springs was once part of a Northern Territory, and The Residency is famous for its history and a symbol of independence from the Northern areas. This history makes it well known around Australia as having its own social system and culture.

National Road Transport Hall of Fame & Old Ghan

Communication between the cities by road is very important because of many reasons. In this way, The National Road Transport Hall of Fame & Old Ghan Museum help us to know how road transport has changed the shape of the Australian communication system.

This museum has a vast variety of trailers, trucks, and other automobiles. The evolution of roads has been difficult to learn, but this museum tells the story of road transport in Australia.

This Is Aboriginal Art

This Is Aboriginal Art is a gallery related to the artwork of central Australia. Central Australia has been proclaimed for its different kinds of artwork including paintings, textiles, and sculptures. These pieces of artwork have their own historical background and explain the major events in sculptures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Alice Springs worth visiting?

Alice Spring’s beauty and natural resources make it a worth visiting place. If you want to see the beautiful view of the Red Desert, then come in the night.

How do I spend a day in Alice Springs?

There are many things to do in Alice Springs to spend a day like West MacDonnell Ranges, come Alice Springs Desert Park, and Finke Gorge National Park.

Is Alice Springs hot or cold?

The weather and climatic conditions of Uluru and Alice Springs are extreme. It means the climate of Alice Springs is very hot in summer and cold in winter season.

Is it cheap to live in Alice Springs?

When I compare Alice Springs to other metropolitan cities like Melbourne and Sydney I found it cheap and less expensive. For example, the average per month rent of a bed apartment costs below $1,250 per month, and the same apartment costs about $1,900 in Sydney.

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