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Discovering the things to do in Lorne will take you to the beautiful spots, and these places encourage you to visit them again and again. When you have an opportunity to visit Lorne don’t think a second, pack your luggage and move towards natural beauty. This place is full of beautiful beaches, attractive artwork, and plenty of scenic views.

Things to Do in Lorne

When you move to Lorne get accommodation near the clear waters of Otway Ranges and Loutit Bay. Doesn’t matter whether you are searching for peace or adventurous activities, this place suits your needs. You should have a guide who helps you to find the right things to do in Lorne. As Lorne is my native land, I will also help you find the right place.

Sun, Sea, and Sand at the Lorne Beaches

Sun is the source of vitamin D, the sea helps you to keep hydrated, and the sand stay you warm in winter. If you are finding the above-mentioned things, you should visit the Lorne beaches, it would be the perfect spot.

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Lorne Main Beach

Lorne Main Beach is a dreamy place to visit with family, and it offers great fun for everyone. Its location makes it the perfect place because of the surrounding beautiful areas and the 1.2- kilometers wide area gives more space to visitors. The Lorne administration provides complete security to visitor’s life and other important pieces of baggage.

North Lorne Beach (Lorne Dog Beach)

North Lorne Beach can also be called Lorne Dog Beach, a wide coastline located within walking distance north of Lorne Main Beach. Why did we call it a dog beach? Lorne has a specific place designed for freely moving dogs and a suitable place for people who have pets. People visit this area with their pets and keep their pets active and entertained.

Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach is a comparatively small beach, and lonely cove located away from the main city center. Lorne has many tourist spots and every spot has its own specialty, just take the example of Shelly Beach. This place is famous for snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing. This beach is also covered with beautiful green patches and the Rocky Mountains.

Come with The Whole Family To Lorne Sea Baths

Come with The Whole Family To Lorne Sea Baths and stay with your family members entertained. Lorne Sea Baths are one of the best tourist spots that are fit for a family tour. They have opened many restaurants and café for serving quality dishes for families. This place serves visitors with a swimming pool, therapeutic services, massages, and, spa cares.

Try Some Lorne Surf Lessons

Surfing is an adventurous activity, that’s why you should try some Lorne surf lessons for diving deep into the sea. Lorne opens many schools there for teaching visitors to learn to surf and enjoy the oceanic climate. There are many expert instructors offering their services to surf lovers, and they also provide important equipment.

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Explore Lorne Pier And Visit The Seafood Restaurant

Explore Lorne Pier, Visit the Seafood Restaurant and entertain yourself with Lorne’s surrounding hills and restaurants that offer delicious foods.  Lorne Pier is a world’s famous and attractive tourist spot with a long coastline, a wonderful ocean outlook, and tasty seafood dishes.

Visit the Great Ocean Road Heritage Centre

Great Ocean Road is an ancient place and The Great Ocean Road Heritage Centre explains the history and the nice worth seeing construction of that route. Visit this place for the sake of learning more about this place and the cultures of native people, European colonies, and marine life.

Lorne Historical Society

Lorne has many local organizations that are fostering and preserving the historical background of Lorne and also its adjacent places. The Lorne Historical Society has preserved the history and also holds a record of local activities and events. If you love the history of this ancient place, move to Lorne and learn more than you already know.

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Live Wire Park Lorne

Zip around at the Live Wire Park Lorne and have a view of the adventurous park. This park is situated a short distance from Lorne offering lots of activities adding tree-top thrills, zip-lining, and obstacle tracks. This place is worth visiting for picnic parties, families, and friends.

Live Wire Park Lorne

Explore The Lorne Waterfalls

Lorne has become a hub of many tourist spots that attract tourists from around the world. It also has many waterfalls, including Sheoak Falls and Erskine Falls. These waterfalls offer charming beauty and also give you a chance to hike and view nearly rainforests.

Take a Dip in Jebbs Pool

Lorne helps you to take a Dip in Jebbs Pool, which offers thrilling work to do. Great Otway National Park is surrounded by natural beauty and swimming pools, and Jebbs Pool is one of them. Move towards this place with your family and appreciate the swimming.

Lorne Swing Bridge Café

One sip of coffee and a bite of delicious food while looking at the beautiful oceanic view can foster the Lorne Swing Bridge Café attraction. The Lorne Swing Bridge Café is my favorite place and I frequently visit this spot after finishing my daily work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the top attractions to visit in Lorne?

Lorne has many worth-visiting spots for national and international visitors. I am a resident of Lorne and in my opinion, it has many top attractions like Lorne Swing Bridge Café, Jebbs Pool, Erskine Falls, Lorne Beach, Teddy’s Lookout, and many more.

What are the most popular things to do in Lorne with children?

Families visit this place with their kids for refreshments and to spend quality time with them. The most famous thing to do in Lorne is the Visitor Information Centre and Memorial Archway.

Why is Lorne so popular?

Lorne is a way to Great Ocean Road and is very much close to the Great Otway National Park. Lorne is popular because of the Wildlife and other attractive tourist areas.

Is Lorne Beach good for swimming?

If you are an experienced or beginner swimmer, Lorne is the perfect place for swimming for all age groups. Lorne offers much-protected beaches and an ideal environment for swimmers. Yes, Lorne is a fine place for swimming.

What is Lorne named after?

Louttit Bay Township has been replaced with the name of Lorne honoring Princess Louise’s marriage.

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