Must Do Activities on Magnetic Island – Your Ultimate Guide


Magnetic Island is the most stunning tourist place, but you should have complete knowledge about the Things to do in Magnetic Island. Half the destination will be covered under the planning you made before arriving there. Make sure you have selected the right charming and beautiful spots, but if you won’t then read the comprehensive information given below.

Things to Do in Magnetic Island

This information will help you to save your time and money. This information will also assist you to locate the wonderful and stunning area of Magnetic Island. After visiting this beautiful area, I have decided to share my experience with the people who love to come to Magnetic Island. The list of the most important things to do in Magnetic Island is provided below.

Things to Do in Magnetic Island

The Forts Walk Magnetic Island

Without the Forts Walk in Magnetic Island, your journey will be incomplete. This forts walk is highly attractive that fulfills the demand of tourists because it offers beautiful views. The Forts Walk consists of a 4 km long track that leads you to the trail takes you to the WWII fortifications and provides beautiful sights of native wildlife.

Aquascene Magnetic Island

Invest your money in exploring beautiful places across the world including Aquascene Magnetic Island. It would be a great experience to avail the best opportunity to see the colorful fish and aquatic creatures. You will get all the required equipment for snorkeling, no matter you are an experienced or learner snorkeler.

Aquascene Magnetic Island

Pro Dive Magnetic Island

Pro Dive is a step to learn to dive with the help of expert instructors, and they also offer top equipment. Magnetic Island provides quality services for learning and also offers scuba diving guidelines. There are many centers that provide pro dive help, but PADI 5-Star Dive Center is the perfect. Dive into the water and explore the marine world.

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Scuba Diving Magnetic Island

If you are a lover of scuba diving, then Magnetic Island is a wonderful place to visit. Magnetic Island has many dive areas that attract many visitors every year, and they also arrange scuba competitions there. Shallow Water and deep areas make Magnetic Island a perfect place for diving.

Yongala Dive from Magnetic Island

There are many reasons that make it a famous diving site. One of them is the Yongala Dive from Magnetic Island and which has been proclaimed since 1911 when the ship sank. It is a boat traveling and that has been perfectly designed naturally for expert divers. This place accommodates diverse species of marine animals like sea snakes and other giant sea creatures.

Magnetic Bliss Massage

Consistent traveling and visiting beautiful tourist places make you tired, and your body needs a cure for tiredness. Magnetic Bliss Massage gives different services of massage that help you to keep your body and mind healthy and active. When you get tired while traveling, then go to Magnetic Bliss Massage for body and facial massage.

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Stage Door Theatre Restaurant

You will not get bothered at Magnetic Island because entertainment facilities have also been offered for visitors. The Stage Door Theatre Restaurant not only offers live fun but also serves quality food products for visitors. To be very frank, I have personally visited this place and I really love to explore this place with my family.

Jet Ski Hire Magnetic Island

The young generation has become very adventurous and they love thrilling activities. Jet Ski Hire is my favorite activity on Magnetic Island because this activity gives me a chance to examine marine animals through crystal clear water. But I have some important tips and pieces of advice for your safety and entertainment.

Jet Ski Hire Magnetic Island

Get Around Island Boat Tours and Hire Magnetic Island

Get around Island Boat Tours and Hire help you to visit the entire coastline of Magnetic Island. This place is famous for its fun and lots of watering activities that ensure the safety of visitors. Here is a place that holds much fun for every visitor and offers self-driving boats for exploring the natural marine beauty.

Magnetic Island Sea Kayaks

Magnetic Island Sea Kayaks are a great way to explore the island’s beautiful bays and coastline at your own pace. With a range of kayaks available for hire, you can explore hidden coves, spot marine life, and enjoy the island’s stunning scenery. No experience is necessary, and the friendly staff will provide you with all the equipment and advice you need.

Magnetic Island Time Cruises

Magnetic Island Time Cruises offers a range of scenic tours and sunset cruises around Magnetic Island. With experienced guides and comfortable boats, you can sit back, relax, and take in the stunning views of the island’s coastline and surrounding waters. The perfect way to unwind and enjoy the beauty of Magnetic Island.

Magnetic Jet Ski Tours

Magnetic Jet Ski Tours offers guided tours of Magnetic Island’s stunning coastline on high-performance jet skis. With experienced guides leading the way, you can explore secluded beaches and rocky coves, and spot local marine life up close. No experience is necessary, and all safety equipment is provided.

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Horseshoe Bay Water Sports Fishing Charters

Horseshoe Bay Water Sports Fishing Charters offers a range of fishing charters for both experienced and novice anglers. With experienced guides and top-of-the-line equipment, you can fish for a variety of species in Magnetic Island’s surrounding waters. The perfect way to experience the thrill of the catch and take in the island’s stunning scenery.

Water Sports Fishing Charters

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do people do at Magnetic Island for fun?

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced or want to see fringing reefs or marine life (or both), a personalized tour will guide you on a serene journey around Maggie’s magical waters. The island’s many quiet coves offer the opportunity for DIY snorkel adventures, too.

What to do on Magnetic Island for the day?

  • The One & Only Maggie Comprehensive.
  • Discover The Underwater World at Geoffrey Bay or Florence Bay. Kayak and Jet Ski in Horseshoe Bay.
  • Walk to Balding and Radical Bay.
  • Find Rock Wallabies at Geoffrey Bay.
  • Snorkel at the Geoffrey Bay Shipwreck.
  • Walk Up to the Forts Walk.
  • Spot Wild Koalas.

What is Magnetic Island famous for?

Magnetic Island is well known for its distinctive environment and picturesque landscape featuring large granite boulders, hoop pines, sandy beaches, and fringing coral reefs. The story of Magnetic Island began 275 million years ago when molten granite was pushed to the earth’s surface with volcanic force.

How much time do you need on Magnetic Island?

I recommend at least three days and two nights on Magnetic Island, but if you can stay three nights, that’s even better.

Is Magnetic Island worth it?

Magnetic Island is well worth the visit. Get around in a rental buggy or mini and choose between cabins, self-contained houses, and luxury villas for your accommodation. Best of Magnetic displays, some great options for a range of budgets and needs.

Are there waterfalls on Magnetic Island?

Enjoying a refreshing waterfall on Magnetic Island is the perfect daytime adventure during the wet season. In the heavy rains, new waterfalls spring up… More. The most popular and easiest to get to is Endeavour Falls in Arcadia (Petersen Creek).

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