Must Do Activities in Torquay for an Unforgettable Experience


The attractive seaside, sandy coastlines, clear blue waters, and hustling nightlife are waiting for you in Torquay. Just find the right list of things to do in Torquay and keep yourself satisfied with the natural beauty. Time is short and do not waste it staying at home, arrange a tour with your beloved ones towards Torquay and enjoy the moments.

Things to Do in Torquay

I truly believe in beauty, and nature never disappoints you. When I feel bored and got tired from my daily busy life, I always visit Torquay for getting peace of mind. That’s why I always recommend my friends to search the things to do in Torquay for enjoyment and relieving mental stress.

Things to Do in Torquay

Torquay Front Beach

Australia is full of beaches and tourists attract to see this beautiful coastline. Torquay Front Beach is a surprising and wonderful beach that offers a friendly environment for families, and it is located in the center of Torquay. But the most important question is why should you visit this place? According to my experience, this place is worth visiting because of its golden sand, soft and navy blue water. This place is also famous for surfing, restaurants, swimming, cafes, and sunbathing.

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Australian National Surfing Museum

The trend of observing beach culture and surfing has been increasing day by day and people stay passionate all the time to visit these types of tourist spots. The Australian National Surfing Museum is one of the best surfing places in the world, and they also provide the basic facilities for surfing like surfboards, video footage, and other guidebooks to learn surfing. You should visit this memorable place with your family and relatives.

Point Impossible Beach

People love the beaches and in response, beaches also give back beautiful memories. Point Impossible Beach has naturally been designed to attract tourists from around the world, and this wonderful beach is not so far from the main city of Torquay. It has many picnic areas, hiking trails, white sand, blue water, and a wide area for swimming.

Torquay Visitor Information Centre

Some people are interested in visiting beautiful places for fun and enjoyment, but most of them visit tourist places for gathering information. The Torquay Visitor Information Centre has gathered lots of information about the locals and if you are finding information then visit this center to collect useful information. They also provide you with a map for exploring the things to do in Torquay.

Bells Beach

Sea waves horrify visitors, but some tourists come to visit only for surfing against these waves. Bells Beach is generally known as a surfing spot and its powerful waves make it a famous area of surfing around the world. But be sure you are an experienced and expert surfer. This place also hosts the Rip Curl Pro surfing competition.

Bells Beach

Point Danger

Point Danger offers beautiful sightseeing views for tourists, and its area is located very close to Torquay. This tourist spot is also important is a historic point of view because of its lighthouse and charming views of the ocean and coastline.

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Go Ride A Wave – Torquay

Surfing is a skill and I suggest you learn this skill before jumping into surfing. There are many schools located near Torquay to teach this skill to all age groups. Go Ride a Wave is also one of them offering lessons to learn these surfing skills.

This school has managed to hire an expert instructor, and they also provide the necessary equipment for surfing. Torquay Surfing Academy has also been established to help the novice to learn surfing. But I chose to Go Ride a Wave to learn to surf after analyzing their method of teaching.

Bells Beach Brewing

Torquay is such a wonderful place, where you could never have remained hungry and thirsty. Bell’s Beach Brewing offers local drinks and is located near the Torquay main populated area. Just take a sip of a delicious drink while looking at the beautiful views of the native area.

Great Ocean Road

240 kilometers long, Great Ocean Road leads you towards the stunning views of the beautiful area. If you visit Torquay then never miss a single chance to move towards the Great Ocean Road because it will also offer you an opportunity to view the other beautiful spots like Otway Ranges and Twelve Apostles.

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Fisherman Beach

Calm water accommodates many kinds of fish and the waters of Fisherman Beach are also calm, and this area is famous for fishing. This area is not only famous for fishing, but also offers shallow water for swimming.

Tiger Moth World Adventure Flights

Fly over the stunning beaches, calm waters, sightseeing gardens, and other natural creations, and enjoy visiting Torquay. Torquay provides a safe environment for aviation companies to establish their branches in Torquay to assist visitors. Tiger Moth World Adventure Flights take you to fly above the beaches.

Torquay Farmers Market

There are some important products that are considered as a basic human need like bread, vegetables, and fresh fruits. The Torquay Farmers Market opens on a weekly basis, and it is famous for organic products. Torquay Farmers Market starts its operation on Saturday morning.

Torquay Farmers Market

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Torquay best known for?

There are many important things to do in Torquay that make it well known around the world but the most important activity is sailing competitions. These competitions are held on a regular basis and the sailor rushed there from around the world for taking part in the race. Torre Abbey Sands also clear the path in making Torquay famous.

Is Torquay, Vic worth visiting?

Simply yes, the Torquay is really a worth visiting place. If you are a lover of surfing then I recommend you to visit the Torquay and enjoy the thrilling surfing competitions in Australia’s surfing capital. Bells Beach is an important tourist place and also opens the way to Great Ocean Road.

What is the main street in Torquay?

Torquay has many important streets that lead to beautiful tourist spots. But the main streets of Torquay are Pearl Street and Gilbert Street. These streets bring you to The Esplanade and the commercial center of Torquay.

Why do people go to Torquay?

People love the natural beauty and the beauty gives you peace of mind. People visit Torquay to do many things like visiting adventurous places, surfing, hiking, researching, the life of marine species, and viewing the beautiful beaches.

Is Torquay cheap to live?

Torquay is surrounded by many towns and villages, and these towns and villages are known for serving the tourists. These towns have shopping centers and grocery shops that offer different prices. While visiting Torquay you will witness the cost-effective rates of every product.

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