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If you live in Australia, you most probably have heard of Woolworths, one of the largest supermarkets in the country. Woolworths sells everything you need from groceries to cleaning supplies to clothes as well! The weekly Woolworths catalogue makes it simple for buyers to shop all the best sales.

Here we provide you with the Woolworths catalogue, updated weekly to ensure you are saving money and buying the best value products.

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Woolworths Catalogue This Week

Offer valid Wed 27 Mar – Tue 2 Apr 2024

Woolworth is one of the most popular grocery stores in Australia with branches all throughout the country. They offer almost all types of products that you can need and you can do all your grocery shopping from Woolworths including food, cleaning supplies, beauty and self care products and garments.

With the cost of living increasing, the best way to save money and buy all your favourite products is by keeping up to date with the weekly Woolworths Catalogue. This features all the best deals on everyday items to ensure you are buying the best products at the most competitive prices.

Woolworths Catalogue

Woolworth’s Catalogue Starting Wednesday

Woolworths weekly deals start every Wednesday and last for a week until they are updated the following Wednesday with the next catalogue and set of deals. This gives you the whole week to pick up your favorites and prepare for the next week of savings.

Autumn Savings VIC

Woolworths Catalogue for Autumn Savings VIC is a seasonal catalogue that offers a range of deals and discounts on groceries and household items in the state of Victoria, Australia. The catalogue is released by Woolworths and features a variety of products that are in season during the autumn months.

The catalogue is available both in-store and online, with the online version offering the convenience of browsing and shopping from home. Customers can browse the catalogue online and add items to their cart for delivery or pick-up from their nearest Woolworths store.

The catalogue also often includes discounts on popular brands and products, such as Coca-Cola, Cadbury, and Nestle. Customers can save money on their weekly grocery bill by taking advantage of these deals and purchasing items in bulk.

Woolworth’s Half Price

Woolworth’s special is offering wide varieties of products on half prices, this deal is called Woolworth’s half price. People of Australia love to buy items available on special Woolworths on half price because it eliminate the extra burden and gives an option to buy more products.

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Woolworths Online:

Online shopping is on the rise, especially after the pandemic. Woolworths also offers online shopping for its customers which is a convenient way to have all your weekly groceries brought to your doorstep. It is a time saving and safe process and the best part is that all the weekly Woolworth catalogue deals are applicable to online shopping as well. This is great because you get to save big money from the comfort of your home.

Woolworth’s Senior’s Delivery

A great aspect of shopping with Woolworths online is that the rates are subsidised for senior members and include great benefits like free delivery when the order is above a certain amount. This is fantastic to ensure our elderly population are looked after and have access to all their favourite groceries.

Woolworths Refund Policies

Along with all the astonishing services of Woolworths, the Woolworths refund online is one of the most popular assistance services provided by Woolworths. They offer cash back or a Woolworths gift card if the goods you have purchased are damaged or have other problems. This makes it easy to shop knowing that if you do end up receiving a damaged item, you can access your money back.

Woolworth’s Customer Service

Customer service is the most important aspect of any shopping store or any business franchise. Woolworth’s customer service is valid and reliable. All those services which are helpful for customers and increase the emotional connection with Woolworth included in Woolworth’s customer service.

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Woolworths Opening Hours:

To grab these deals, head over to your closest Woolworths now!

Woolworths is one of the largest supermarket chains in Australia, with hundreds of stores across the country. Whether you need to do some grocery shopping early in the morning or late at night, it’s important to know the exact Woolworths Opening Hours details for better services.

For the easiness of its consumers, Woolworths stores have flexible operating hours that vary depending on location and day of the week. Seven days a week, most stores are open early in the morning and close late at night. However, it would be your duty to know accurate Woolworths Opening Hours.

Woolworths opening hours public holidays:

Depending on the location, Woolworths opening hours may vary during public holidays. Some stores may operate on reduced hours or may be closed entirely. Planning can help ensure a hassle-free shopping experience and avoid any inconvenience during the holiday season.


The weekly Woolworths Catalogue is an excellent way for buyers to check out all the weekly deals and save money on their favourite grocery items. Here we update the catalogue weekly for you to make sure you are saving the most money while shopping the best deals.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do seniors get free delivery from Woolworths?

Customers who are above 60 will enjoy special discounts on home delivery.

Can I get a refund at any Woolworths?

Customers are eligible for refunds depending on when the purchase was made, whether the good was damaged and if the customer has the receipt as proof of purchase. Currently Woolworths does not offer refunds for change of mind.

What happens if I can’t collect my order at the specified time?

Please contact your local Woolworths and explain your situation to them and they will be able to sort something out for you.

Is there a difference in the opening hours for Woolworths stores on weekdays and weekends?

The opening hours for Woolworths stores can differ based on the day of the week, with some stores having longer opening hours on weekdays and shorter hours on weekends. The opening hours can also vary depending on the specific location of the store. The best thing to do is contact your local store to confirm their opening hours before you go to avoid any inconvenience.

Are there any Woolworths stores that operate 24 hours a day?

In general, Woolworths stores that operate 24 hours a day are in busy shopping districts or major metropolitan areas. You can check the Woolworths website or app to see if there are any 24-hour stores in your area. Alternatively, you can call your local Woolworths store and ask if they are open 24 hours. Check their official website for further opening hours details: Woolworths Store Locater

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