What is Travel Insurance? | Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Travel insurance is a cover that helps you to handle the damages or loss, and it also makes your journey enjoyable. You should acknowledge the importance of travel insurance because this has been designed to secure you against unexpected incidents. It provides preferable coverage for your sole trip or with family.

Travel Insurance

What is travel insurance? Travel insurance is an insurance plan that has been established to offer the protection cover against the financial loss and medical emergencies. You cannot ignore the possibility of accidents and natural disasters. By keep in view the situation, it must purchase the travel insurance policy for moving to abroad or on domestic flights.

Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance Compare

Travel insurance comparison can assist you to find the suitable coverage according to your wish and budget. I will provide you some useful suggestions that will help you in finding the quality travel insurance plan.

  • Find the best coverage like trip cancellation
  • Delayed trip
  • Loss of baggage
  • Medical facilities
  • Financial coverage

Travel Insurance Broker

Travel insurance broker seems a great help to purchase the cheap travel insurance plan. Broker helps the insurance company in finding the potential client and he also convinces the client to buy the suitable plan. Broker also provides compulsory details of insurance policies and make you well aware about the newly introduced travel insurance covers.

Travel Insurance Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can be considered as pre-existing disease and it may affect your insurance coverage. Australia is a country where many travel insurance companies are operating and offering travel insurance cover for breast cancer patient. But the coverage can be different from the travel insurance policies. Read the company’s PDS before decided to buy travel insurance breast cancer policy.

Travel Insurance Benefits

  • Travel insurance offers a wide range of facilities to the policyholder. The list of benefits of travel insurance is provided here for you. Benefits are:
  • Travel insurance provides tour cancellation cover
  • Medical cost protection
  • Stolen items
  • Coverage for delayed flights
  • Sudden departure facility
  • Repatriation of dead body to native country
    this list is not inclusive. There are many other benefits that depend on your policy and insurer.

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Travel Insurance Best Deals

You must be good at research and comparing the different travel insurance policies keenly. First, you need to compare the different travel insurance policy providing before finalizing the plan. Because travel insurance comparison can take you to your aim spot for finding suitable coverage.

If the company provides suitable quotes, discount, high deductibles and other coverage then it may consider as the best deal of travel insurance.

Travel Insurance Companies

You can move here and there in Australia without acquiring travel insurance policy. But still many travel insurance companies are functional and providing quality travel insurance coverage either for Australian or visitors. The comprehensive list of travel insurance companies in Australia is given below:

  • Allianz Global Assistance
  • Cover more travel insurance company
  • World Nomads travel insurance
  • InsureanGo
  • Australia Post Travel Insurance
  • Southern Cross Travel Insurance
    and others.

Travel Insurance Comprehensive

Comprehensive travel insurance policy provides a comprehensive cover for travelers. It offers a protection cover for paying medical costs, stolen items and other traveling issues. It also gives security for tour cancellation and travel delay.

Travel Insurance Cancellation Cover

Travel insurance cancellation cover helps you to cancel your insurance policy while you are dissatisfied with your travel cover. If you are not satisfied or this policy out of pocket, then cancel it after fulfilling the cancellation requirement.

Travel Insurance Cruise

Travel insurance cruise is a cover made for group and family. This cover also works to provide the clients a financial security and compensation against loss and unforeseen accidents. You need to be covered because no one can afford disruption while visiting the beautiful places.

Travel Insurance Discount

Every travel insurance agency attract more clients by offering discount on their travel insurance policies. Insurance companies introduce discounts on various policy. List is given below, check out your useful discount option:

  • Group or family discount offer
  • Loyalty discount
  • Multi-trip discount
  • Online discounts
  • And early bird discount

Travel Insurance Domestic

Australia is among the best tourist places around the world, that’s why millions of tourist visit Australia every year. Australia beauty is not only for international visitor but also charming site for native people. Travel insurance domestic offers quality and cost-effective policy for Australian citizens.

Travel Insurance Excess

Pay the excess for your travel insurance policy and get more coverage. This excess might be different for every age client. The amount of excess might be expensive on Travel insurance for senior’s policy. Travel insurance for students charged less than seniors excess.

Travel insurance over 80 is also available, but it may charge more money for coverage. Travel insurance over 70 and travel insurance over 60 are effective and beneficial for elders.

Travel Insurance for Visitors to Australia

Don’t worry if you are visiting Australia. Travel insurance for visitors to Australia operate to provide safe environment with high quality protection. Foreign visitors will feel at their own home while living in Australia as a visitor. This insurance cover also works for safety of client’s belongings.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Long Term

Long term travel insurance is beneficial for those who love to live in another country for longer period of time. This cover has minimum six months coverage, it means the duration of long term travel insurance starts from six months. This long term travel insurance provides assistance for medical emergencies and financial risks.

Travel Insurance Lost Baggage

Travel insurance helps you in finding the lost baggage, or it will also compensate the lost baggage. That’s why it is compulsory to get the insurance cover as a great help to those who are careless. Don’t be careless and take cares of your belongings and if you do not do this then travel insurance will look after your possessions.

Travel Insurance Multi Trip

Don’t be reluctant to visit your desire destination many times a year. Travel insurance multi trip provides you coverage for 12 months with time period of 30 to 60 days stay. Multi trip cover adds medical costs, stolen items, departure delays and flight cancellation.

Travel insurance multi trip is cost-effective. This cover also introduces age restriction. Multi trip cannot be offered to clients who are above 65 years of age. You can get these travel insurance cover online because online purchase offer discount.

Travel Insurance One Cover

Travel insurance one cover provides different varieties of coverage fit to the traveler’s choice and requirement. This cover offers same facilities as you can get coverage from normal insurance cover. One cover offers two types of covers, one is single trip and second is yearly multi trip policy.

Travel Insurance Overseas

Companies offer overseas travel insurance cover for protecting their citizens outside the country. This cover is very much essential for protecting the belongings overseas. Here you have some important elements that make this cover important. Some elements are written below:

  • Time period of coverage
  • Destination where your travel
  • Coverage against loss or damage
  • Policy cost fit to your budget

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Travel Insurance Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a most critical and complicated medical issue, that’s why you need to buy a pregnancy cover, if you want to travel abroad with a baby in your belly. This cover will fulfill the needs of a pregnant.

Provide complete information to your insurance provider about your pregnancy and pregnancy related concern if You have some. This cover gives cover against medical expenses and pregnancy complications.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of travel insurance?

It is a fundamental need of everyone to protect his life, either at home or traveling. Travel insurance has been established to reduce the impact of damages or financial risks when traveling to abroad or on a domestic flight.

Travel insurance protects you from all areas, including major or minor incidents. This cover will protect your financial loss, illness and other inconveniences.

Why do you need travel insurance?

I need travel insurance because it provides extraordinary coverage to secure my financial damages. There are many things that have been protected under the traveling cover like cancellation of my trip if the situation is not in my control, delayed flights and other medical coverage.

What does traveler’s insurance cover?

Travel insurance works to provide peace of mind and damages protection. The coverage of travel insurance starts from the journey and ends at the end of your traveling. Travel to your desire destination because traveler’s insurance cover will give security at many areas. The list of coverage of travelers insurance is given below.

  • It works to replace the airplane tickets
  • Emergency residence
  • Protects the personal items
  • It also covers the stolen and lost belongings.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Make a plan to travel abroad, don’t move without having a proper security cover. Yes, you need travel insurance because this is the only way to compensate the financial loss or damages. If you wish to travel overseas then find the best travel cover according to your choice, budget and demands.

Do you really need travel insurance?

If I am fond of traveling with foolproof security, then travel insurance is compulsory. Because it helps me to manage the cost of traveling and also compensates the unexpected damages. With this security cover, I can travel with peaceful mind and satisfaction.

If I travel without travel insurance plan, I can face some serious issues like financial loss and trip cancellation. This cover may also help me to make a claim against COVID-19.

Does everyone need travel insurance?

No, it is not compulsory for everyone to buy a travel insurance plan. But travel insurance is fundamental for those who frequently travel abroad. Because it provides all the basic requirements while traveling. Buy the travel insurance plan and protect your belongings.

What are three types of travel insurance?

Travel insurance introduces three types of travel insurance policies. Three main types of travel insurance policies are provided here. Select your desire one fit to your budget:

  • Basic travel insurance
  • Credit card travel insurance
  • Comprehensive travel insurance.

What is 3rd party travel insurance?

Personal liability travel insurance has been designed to protect the third party claims. This cover will protect the expense of damages or harm to other party property. If you cause damages to other party property, then this cover will compensate the cost or damages you are liable for.

Does visa cover travel insurance?

Visa and travel insurance are two different documents, that’s why the answer to this question is no. Visa is a helping document that allow you to go to other country. But travel insurance is an insurance plan that offers a cover against unexpected circumstances.

Generally, the visa does not contain a travel insurance policy in it, but some countries do not allow anyone to enter without a travel insurance plan. Australian government does not demand visa with travel insurance cover.

What is not covered by travel insurance?

Travel insurance covers many things to protect its clients, but some services are also excluded from the coverage of travel insurance. The things that are not covered under travel insurance plan are given below:

  • Pre-existing symptoms of any mental and physical illness but some providers include this plan in their travel insurance policy with more premium.
  • Bone related issues
  • Tour cancellation or delayed flights if you know the reason
  • Anticipated or expected incidents
  • Epidemics are commonly not covered in travel insurance plan.
  • And acrophobia is also excluded.

What is covered by travel insurance?

Purchase the travel insurance before moving to other country because it is the best choice of protecting your belongings. Travel insurance gets you covered under its umbrella and its facilities are given below.

  • It helps you replace your baggage and other belongings
  • It helps to reduce the impact of financial loss
  • Provides medical assistance in accidents and injuries
  • It provides repatriation facility if policyholder is dead

Do I need third party insurance?

Yes, you really need a third party insurance if you mostly travel on your bike and car. This cover will help you in paying the cost of damages to other party property.

Does travel insurance cover flight?

Travel insurance can be considered as a useful cover for people who wish to travel either domestic or abroad. Yes, Comprehensive travel insurance policy provides a protection cover against canceled departure that may cause a delay about 3 to 12 hours.

In case your departure has been delayed about half a day (12 hours) then you are eligible to cancel your flight.

Can travel insurance be refunded?

Insurance companies offer waiting period and the main purpose of cooling-off period is to provide a definite time for trip cancellation in case of inconvenience. Yes, if you cancel your travel insurance policy within the cooling-off period without a claim, then you can get your money refunded.

How to claim travel insurance?

Travel insurance claim needs certain document to make your claim entertained. First you need to provide medical certificate, FIR if it has been filed, event information. You have to provide the legal occupancy for the stolen products like ownership certificate.

How do travel claims work?

Travel insurance companies have introduced the system of receiving the claims of clients. Submit the proof of incident and ask for reimbursement.

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