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Gender reveal parties are becoming an increasingly popular way to announce and celebrate the gender of the baby with friends and family. With parties come decorations and themes and here we have compiled some of the best gender reveal decorations you can incorporate into your party or use as inspiration for any other party.

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Gender Reveal Decorations


Balloons are the most popular of the gender reveal decorations that are used worldwide. They are accessible and versatile. You can use pink or blue balloons or a mix of both to create balloon bouquets, arches, or garlands. You can also create a balloon release or use a balloon box to disclose the gender of the baby.

Another fun option is to have a white or black balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti which you can pop to reveal the gender of your baby. This is an exciting way to impress your guests and have a great party.


Gender reveal banners are an easy and interesting way to incorporate into your party and elevate it. You can use banners to either reveal the gender of your baby or use them as a backdrop or decoration. There are millions of different types and styles of banners that you can use to make your gender reveal party unique, personalised and memorable for all your guests.



Confetti is a wonderful and colorful idea to show the gender of the baby. You can incorporate confetti into your decorations or use it as the main way to reveal the gender of the baby. Regardless of how you use it, confetti is one of the most fun and iconic gender reve


Piñata’s are a great way to make any party pop! You can incorporate piñata’s into your party in so many different ways. For instance, you can fill them with blue confetti for a baby boy or pink for a baby girl and pop the balloon to reveal the gender to your guests. You can also incorporate this gender reveal decoration as a gift to your guests and fill it with candy and lollies that they can enjoy. Piñata’s are definitely a way to make your party special and memorable.



Tableware in pink or blue is an excited and manageable way to mix color and excitement to the gender reveal party. There are many things to add like plates, cups, napkins, and tablecloths in pink or blue or a mix of both. Themed tableware, such as baby bottles or pacifiers, can also be used for decoration.

Tableware is often forgotten when planning parties but it can make a huge difference to your entire party and set up and is one of the most important gender reveal decorations! You can incorporate blue and pink elements in your tableware to keep your guests guessing or go for one colour if the gender is already known. Experiment with plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths to find what works best for your party and theme. Other unique things you can include as part of your tableware include baby bottles and pacifiers. The options are limitless so get exploring!


Centerpieces are another idea to decorate the place to create a focal point at the gender reveal party. Flowers, balloons, or other decorations pieces can be used as the centrepiece. You can focus on either blue or pink or use both colours to keep your guests guessing the baby’s gender until the last minute! You can also add a small sign or banner that reveals the gender of the baby.



As you can seen, there is a myriad of gender reveal decorations out there and we have only just touched the surface. You can customise your party with any of these decoration ideas and be sure to check out all our gender reveal content here to stay up to date with all the latest decoration ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some popular color schemes for gender reveal decorations?

The most popular colours are blue for baby boys and pink for baby girls. Some parents prefer a neutral colour scheme and will opt for colours such as beige and brown. It really is all up to you!

Are there any DIY gender reveal decoration ideas that are easy to make at home?

Absolutely! There are so many decorations you can make at home for only a fraction of the price. This includes balloon arches, streamer banners and table centrepieces by incorporating baby bottles and clothes. The key is to get creative!

What types of tableware and cutlery can I use for a gender reveal party?

For a gender reveal party, you can use themed tableware and cutlery such as pink and blue plates, cups, and napkins. Paper straws and wooden utensils are eco-friendly options that add a fun touch to the decor.

How can I incorporate gender-neutral decorations into my gender reveal party?

To incorporate gender-neutral decorations into a gender reveal party, you can use colors like green, yellow, orange, or purple. You can also use decorations that feature animals, stars, or geometric patterns. Neutral-colored balloons, banners, and tableware are also great options. Another idea is to create a theme that is not gender-specific, such as a sports theme or a book-themed party.

What are some creative ways to use flowers in gender reveal party decor?

One creative way to use flowers is to create a flower wall that guests can take photos in front of. Floral banners can also be used as a decoration on the front door or as a backdrop for the reveal. You can also incorporate them into your table centrepieces to really elevate your party.

How can I decorate a cake or cupcakes for a gender reveal party?

You can serve the cake or cupcakes as a main part of this party.  You can fill cupcakes with pink or blue frosting and have guests bite into them to reveal the gender. Another fun idea is to create a cake or cupcakes with a hidden surprise inside, such as a layer of colored cake or candy. Check out our post on gender reveal cake ideas here for more inspiration!

What types of signage can I use to announce the gender of the baby at my party?

There are various types of signage that can be used. One popular option is a large, decorative sign that reads “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!” Another option is to use chalkboards or letter boards to spell out the gender reveal message. Balloon banners that spell out “Boy” or “Girl” can also be used as a fun and creative way to announce the gender. Customized banners or flags can also be made to match the party’s theme and color scheme.

What are some ideas for outdoor gender reveal party decorations?

A popular option is to create a balloon arch or balloon garland to serve as a backdrop for the reveal. Streamers, bunting, and flags can also be hung from trees or across the patio to add color and festive flair. Outdoor lights or lanterns can be used to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere for the party.

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