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The Melbourne Cup Order of Entry is an important list that will disclose the names of final participants in this event. This list crucial note is based on the ranking of the horses, and the final list will be displayed after analyzing the performance. The ranking and the weight of the horses are directly proportional to each other, the high rank gives higher weight.

Melbourne Cup Order of Entry 2023

There are many ranking factors that lead your horses towards the final acceptance for Melbourne Cup Order of Entry 2023. Some ranking factors are given below, must read the factors and train your horse according to the criteria. Past performance, trainer, weight, and jockeys are some essential factors that will bring your horse to the gate of the run.

Last 10 HorseSexAgeTrainerBallotWeightPenaltyHCP Rating
1156×46612LUNAR FLAREM7Grahame Begg151.5kg0.5kg6.5
x7x2111x90POINT NEPEAN (IRE)H5Robert Hickmott251kg8.5
4x2x12121xDEAUVILLE LEGEND (IRE)G4James Ferguson355kg1.5
52x3x33529GOLD TRIP (FR)H6Ciaron Maher & David Eustace457.5kg2
96117×0688DUAISM5Edward Cummings555.5kg2.5
14x718x434MONTEFILIAM5David Payne655.5kg2.5
312×322318HOO YA MAL (GB)H4Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott753.5kg3
x3521x1343KNIGHTS ORDER (IRE)G8Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott855.5kg4
11x20311x2WITHOUT A FIGHT (IRE)G6Simon & Ed Crisford955.5kg4
x60211x225NUMERIAN (IRE)G7Annabel Neasham1055.5kg4
3217x551x8CAMORRA (IRE)G6Ben & JD Hayes1155kg4.5
x80314x710ALEGRONG4James Cummings1253kg5
0127×96441STOCKMAN (NZ)G6Joseph Pride1354kg5.5
32x528x430YOUNG WERTHER (NZ)G5Danny O’Brien1454kg5.5
x8x00x5356VOW AND DECLAREG7Danny O’Brien1554kg5.5
2516x7x594GRAND PROMENADE (GB)G7Ciaron Maher & David Eustace1653kg6.5
x33219x700TRALEE ROSE (NZ)M6Symon Wilde1751.5kg6.5
111213×070DAQIANSWEET JUNIOR (NZ)G5Phillip Stokes1853Kg6.5
2721712382ARAPAHO (FR)G6Bjorn Baker1952.5kg7
11119×9000CRYSTAL PEGASUS (GB)G6Chris Waller2052kg7.5
2219×92117SMOKIN’ ROMANS (NZ)G6Ciaron Maher & David Eustace2151.5kg1.5kg8
53x35x1581EMISSARY (GB)G6Michael Moroney2251.5kg0.5kg8
51x006x033REALM OF FLOWERSM6Anthony & Sam Freedman2350kg8.5
9x25x34161HIGH EMOCEAN (NZ)M6Ciaron Maher & David Eustace2450kg9.5
11144×6536INTERPRETATION (IRE)H5Ciaron Maher & David Eustace2550kg9.5
432164×768KING OF THE CASTLE (IRE)G5Robert Hickmott2650kg9.5
x786x0x090SERPENTINE (IRE)G6Robert Hickmott2753.5kg6
x0036x8400CHAPADAG7Michael Moroney2852.5kg7
883x28x605SAN HUBERTO (IRE)H7Matt Cumani2951.5kg8
346x81x960SCHABAU (GER)G8Robert Hickmott3050kg9.5
Melbourne Cup Order of Entry 2023

Melbourne Cup Order of Entry Info

The Melbourne Cup Order of Entry info is one of the most important aspects of this event, and it also provides the list of eligible horses. The order of entry means the performance of the horses in the previous races and the placement in the final round. A few weeks before the order of entry announces that have a strong impact on the excitement and the betting odds.

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Order of Acceptance Melbourne Cup

The Order of Acceptance for the Melbourne Cup means the process through which the horses got their place in the race. This would be the final list of eligible horses and after paying the acceptance fee your horse’s place will be determined. In this way, acceptance is the most important phase in the Melbourne Cup that ensures the final field of the horse. Trained your horses in such a way as to get the best place in the ranking.

2023 Melbourne Cup International Entry Requirements

The Melbourne Cup allows international jockeys to take part in this event, but after fulfilling certain requirements. These limitations or requirements are necessary to be entertained for creating a suitable environment for all contestants. 2023 Melbourne Cup International Entry Requirements are specific vaccination, quarantine period, and testing protocol that are fit to the regulations of Australian racing.

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2023 Melbourne Cup Ballot Exemptions

Your horse can only get the position in this event if he claims to be an eligible horse. But The Melbourne Cup ballot exemptions provide a chance for those horses who show extraordinary performance and also have won specific races to participate in this mega horse racing event. The main aim of these exemptions is to make sure the entry of the best horses in the race.

Melbourne Cup 2023 Order of Entry Timeline

The Melbourne Cup 2023 Order of Entry timeline is not fixed but changes with the particular criteria of each year. The time period of the order of entry is updated regularly and provides fresh news about the championship. But the timeline issues just a few weeks before the run.

Melbourne Cup 2023 Order of Entry Predictions

Predicting the Melbourne Cup 2023 Order of Entry is not easy, but can be a challenging phenomenon. Because you can only predict the ultimate order of entry on the basis of the horse’s past performance. The experts and punters used their expertise to predict the order and that has a great impact on the betting.

Melbourne Cup 2023 Order of Entry Entries

The Melbourne Cup 2023 Order of Entry entries include the names of the horses that have got the place or are considered eligible for the race. Keep yourself updated with the fresh entries and also have an eye on the order of acceptance. You can check the updated entries online and these also give you a chance to place your bet on the right horse.

Melbourne Cup 2023 Order of Entry Results

The final field declaration is an important step to announce The Melbourne Cup 2023 Order of Entry results. The weight of the horses has a considerable influence on the order of entry results. Punters carefully analyze the final order of entry result because this information proves to be helpful while placing their bets.

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Melbourne Cup 2023 Order of Entry Tips

Melbourne Cup 2023 Order of Entry tips are the official document prepared by expert and professional jockeys. Experts and analysts issued their tips after checking the physical conditions and performance of the horse, and weather conditions. Experts also count the weight of the selected horse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Melbourne Cup 2023 Order of Entry?

It is very easy to understand the meaning of The Melbourne Cup order of entry. Melbourne Cup 2023 Order of Entry consists of the names of the horses who stand eligible to run in the race. The initial order of entry list will be released in September but after fulfilling the criteria the final 24 runners declares. Stay connected with for further information.

What is the 2023 Melbourne Cup Order of Entry Dates?

The final field will be announced after consistent three declarations. The first declaration closes on Tuesday, September 12, the second on October 3, and the final declaration will be closed on October 17. So the barrier draw will be announced on 4 November.

How else can you gain entry to the Melbourne Cup?

Follow the two ways that can take your horse to the final round of running. First, if the horse has won many races and the second is to show the perfect performance and get ballot exemption. In case your horse is doing his best in any way, can run in the Melbourne Cup.

How do international horses gain entry to the Melbourne Cup?

There are some limitations set by the Australian administration for the Melbourne Cup against the enrolment of international horses. The horses get entry to this event by winning the Doncaster Cup in the UK, and Tenno Sho in Japan. The winner of the Arlington Million Cup can also gain entry. These are some above-mentioned ballot exemptions for getting entry.

When will the final field for the 2023 Melbourne Cup be announced?

After completing the initial phases like declarations, testing phase, and quarantine period, the final field will be announced. The 7th of November is the date of announcing the final field.

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