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If you buy an insurance plan, then acknowledge that you are protected against any unexpected occurrence in life, and that offers you mental satisfaction. Apia insurance offers the same security cover as you want for your home and car security. Apia also offers comprehensive insurance cover for landlord, travel and for seniors.

Apia Insurance

Everything in life is important, but nothing is more essential than our health and property. So it must be a grave concern for all of us to protect our important assets like home, health and car. Apia insurance gives paramount importance to all our material objects to keep them secured. Just get the Apia insurance policy and stay satisfied in life.

Apia Home Insurance

Apia Home Insurance protects your home against detriment or destruction caused by a wide limit of insured outcomes, adding gates, barriers and garages. The combination of Apia Home and Contents Insurance offers joined building insurance and contents insurance safety cap. In this way your home and its contents will be protected against things like climate effect, theft and fire.

Apia Home Insurance

Apia Car Insurance

After purchasing Apia car insurance policy for your car, then you can save up to $1,500 claim expenditures if your car has been stolen or crash in an incident. With all of this, you can also save up to $20 million if someone else car damaged by your car as legal liability. Apia car insurance also offers drive less pay less policy and complete roadside assistance.

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Apia Travel Insurance

Visiting the world is better than just laying in bed at home. Apia travel insurance provides the best opportunities for all of us to see the beauty and charming points across the world. Apia offers domestic and international travel insurance plans, you can select your most preferred policy. It also introduces travel insurance schemes for seniors who are above 50 years of age.

Apia Landlord Insurance

Wow! Just have a look what Apia landlord insurance offering. Everything here is for landlords who like to offer their property on rent. Apia landlord policy will protect your rented estate from flood, fire and hail. With this, your property will also be protected against the nasty harm by renters. Apia also gives work less pay less discount to those who work shorter than 37 hours in seven days.

Apia Health Insurance

Health and money are two different things, but both have importance in our life. We have to invest our money to keep the health better. Apia health insurance assists you to pay the expense of hospital treatment, accommodation and all other medical related facilities. But Apia health insurance doesn’t cover pregnancy complications, reproductive help and cosmetic issues.

Apia Funeral Insurance

Death is inevitable, and funeral procession is compulsory for everyone. On this sensitive event, Apia funeral insurance will provide a handsome amount $3,000 – $15,000 for funeral expenses. These facilities can avail those people who are Australian citizen aged 45 – 80.

Apia Seniors Insurance

Don’t worry seniors, Apia will take care of you in your old age problems. Apia seniors insurance provides great importance to Australian seniors and the people who have been retired for 30 years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to contact Apia with a complaint?

Complaints need quick answer from Apia expert. It is the best service to make all customers complaints entertain. When you face trouble, are not convinced with the items or facilities then I suggest you to visit Customer Relation page. You can also get more knowledge by visiting Complaint page.

What are Apia Online Services?

Internet makes our world easier and quicker. People of Australia are used to acknowledge the importance of internet and love to use it for making their job simple. Apia offers online services for its customers because clients like to choose onliner than direct calling to customer care contact.

How do I retrieve a saved quote online?

It would be easy and simple to retrieve a saved quote online. Apia provides simple steps to follow for getting a quote online. Put your email address for saving the quote. After that Apia will send you the complete quote information at your relevant email account, through this you are able to restore the quote. You are able to get quote on the basis of knowledge you have already given. Any changes in policy can impact the quote.

Is my online application secure?

Application security is Apia’s first priority. Your all applications and confidential details are encrypted. Yes, your online application is secure because it will be sent to AAI Limited and is protected by a safe coded line.

Can I renew my policy online?

Apia has established a wonderful online service to keep the clients connected with its policies. Yes, you can renew your Apia insurance policy online by visiting the Renewal page. Just bear in mind that Apia online renewal services are only accessible for yearly payments through credit or debit card. If you want to pay monthly installment via bank account or debit, then contact the Apia professionals.

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